Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trump continues to dominate in all demographic groups: very conservative, somewhat conservative, moderate to liberal, under age 50, older than age 50, men, women, Tea Party, non-Tea Party-latest Monmouth national poll

Poll dates, 8/31-9/2/15, M-W

9/3/15, "NATIONAL: TRUMP HOLDS LEAD, CARSON 2," Monmouth Univ. Poll, W. Long Branch, NJ

parag. 3, "“None of the establishment candidates is having any success in getting an anti-Trump vote to coalesce around them. In fact, any attempt to take on Trump directly only seems to make him stronger,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute in West Long Branch, NJ....

Donald Trump has increased his GOP vote share since last month’s debate. The latest Monmouth University Poll of Republican voters nationwide also finds Ben Carson moving into second place, Jeb Bush slipping to third, and Scott Walker fading into the background."...
p. 2, "As with Monmouth’s August poll, Trump continues to dominate all Republican demographic groups in voter support, with Ben Carson now placing second in most cases:

Trump (28%), Carson (20%), and Cruz (17%) are the top vote getters among very conservative voters; Trump (29%) leads Carson (21%) among somewhat conservative voters; and Trump (34%) has a commanding edge over Carson (14%) and Bush (11%) among moderate to liberal voters.

 Tea Party
Tea Party supporters back Trump (36%) by a wide margin over Carson (19%) and Cruz (15%). Non-Tea Party supporters give Trump (28%) a narrower edge over Carson (17%).

Trump (34%) has a clear lead over Carson (17%) among voters under age 50 as well as an advantage (28%) over Carson (18%), Cruz (11%), and Bush (10%) among those age 50 and older.

Trump holds a wide lead over Carson among men (37% to 18%) and a smaller lead among women (23% to 18%). 
The Monmouth University Poll also found that GOP voter opinion of Donald Trump has ticked up another notch in the past month. It now stands at 59% favorable to 29% unfavorable."...
Carson 18%
Bush 8%
Cruz 8%
Rubio 5%
Fiorina 4%
Huckabee 4%
Walker 3% 
p. 6, Poll dates, 8/31-9/2/15 (m-w), telephone interviews, 366 registered voters who identify themselves as Republicans or lean Republican. Margin of error, 5.1 percentage points.


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Via The Last Refuge, 9/3/15,  "Donald Trump Crushes GOP Field In Latest National Poll – Full Poll Data pdf Included – GOPe Splitters Expanded…."


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