Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rush Limbaugh: What's driving Trump supporters is love for this country and optimism about real change. They're shocked and stunned that so many elected officials don't seem to hear them. They have every right to be angry but that's not what drives them to Trump

8/26/15, "People Have Every Right to Be Angry About What's Being Done to Their Country, But Anger Doesn't Explain the Trumpsters," Rush Limbaugh

"Let me expand on a theme here, the idea that Trump's followers are not comprised of anger--at least that's not the animating aspect of them.  And yet all of these people in the establishments of both parties -- the elites, the consultants, the so-called political science experts at universities, the punditry -- have these formulas to explain human behavior in the political sphere. And "anger" is at the top of the list. If you want to discredit a group of voters, if you want to impugn them, you just accuse them of being "angry." And if you really, really want to rip 'em, you call 'em "angry" and "white."  I've been dealing with this angry-white-men BS since 1990.

It's further illustration of just how dense and insulated and ignorant these experts are in understanding, in this case, the supporters of Donald Trump. These people are not angry. Well, they're angry. I mean, it...I think, in fact, folks, we're all entitled to our anger here. If we aren't angry about...Are you angry about what's happened at Planned Parenthood? You damn well should be! Anger is a legitimate reaction to certain things. But it is not, in this case, the energy. It's not the animating thing. It's not the reason that Trump has supporters. It's not because people looking for a way to express their anger and be done with it. It's far more than that."...

[Ed. note: "Anger" was considered perfectly fine and normal in 2008 when it was said to be the reason for electing Obama: "Unerring faith in the premise of the Obama candidacy that many Americans are angry, anxious, and engaged as never before." 7/20/2008, "Obama's paid staff dwarfing McCain's," Boston Globe, Brian C. Mooney]
(continuing): "Now, back to the Trump supporter. Well, story, for lack of a better word.  It's starting to happen again.  It's all being chalked up to anger, just like angry white men was a way to impugn Republican support back in the early nineties, and it's been used interchangeably with soccer moms and the War on Women, and, you name it, angry white men. And my contention to you is that Trump supporters are not negative. They're not angry.  I mean, that's not their state of mind. They are legitimately angry, I mean, wouldn't you be? If you have kids and grandkids, are you not angry over what's been done to their future? Are you not angry over what's been done to this economy? 

Stop and think of something here for a second, folks. Stock market. Five trillion was printed by the Federal Reserve. It was called quantitative easing, and it all ended up on Wall Street for the purchase of securities. Interest rates were kept low. So while Main Street and the rest of this economy was just plundering along at a no-growth, static rate, Wall Street is going crazy, new wealth is being created, but not because of any reason other than the Federal Reserve pumping $5 trillion into it.  Okay, so now after this crash that has occurred over the past week, almost, just a little over a third of that $5 trillion on paper is gone, just wiped out. 

Now, can you imagine what would have happened if they had decided to put $5 trillion that they printed on Main Street? Can you imagine what might have happened? I'll guarantee you that there are a lot of smart middle-class people in this country who know full well what's going on.  They have every right to be mad about it. They have gone to the polls and they have voted for people who they believed were gonna help them stop this. They have voted for people who told them that they were this going to stop it. They were gonna do their best to repeal Obamacare, for example. They were gonna do their best to make sure that there wasn't any more damage done to the United States economy via Obama policy.

They were promised by people campaigning for office that they were gonna go to Washington and do everything they could to save this country as founded, and they haven't done it. Wouldn't you be mad?  The anger is not illegitimate. But my point is, it's not what's driving this.  What's driving this ultimately is love. What's driving the support for Trump is love. It is optimism and it is positive. It is real hope that there might be a chance for real change, not just sloganeering. These are people who believe in the greatness of America. These are people who want it returned.

These are people who believe that it is possible to recapture some of the great traditions and institutions that made this country great. They are shocked and stunned that so many elected officials don't seem to hear them, are not even interested in that themselves. But here come the predictable catcalls. "Well, you know, it's just a bunch of anger being fed by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. It's anger populism." These elites that think they're smarter than everybody else continue to misunderstand this, because they're plugging everything in in their phony formulas or their incorrect formulas that they use to try to calm themselves or mollify themselves or explain all this to themselves, because right now they can't explain....

So it's a natural protective circle the wagons kind of thing the establishment's doing. In the process, what they always do, when something happens like this they don't understand, they blame all of it on stupidity and anger on the part of their own voters. It ends up their own voters are stupid and mad and they run around and they actually say so.  Now, why they think down the road sometime these voters are gonna change their mind and leave Trump or whoever and come back to them after they've been insulted this way makes no sense to me. It makes no common sense. And, no, don't misunderstand, I'm not sitting here endorsing anything. Hey, I've got my Journalism 101 cap. I'm America's Real Anchorman here. I'm just analyzing this as I see it, objectively as I can from afar....And I have countless years experience guided by my intelligence to be able to understand why Trump is resonating and why he's growing."... 



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