Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lyrics played after Trump Alabama rally: 'We're not gonna take it anymore, this is our life, We'll fight the powers that be, don't pick our destiny,' from Twisted Sister classic

Lyrics, "We're not gonna take it anymore" played on loudspeaker at close of Donald Trump rally in Mobile, Alabama, Fri., 8/21/15, from Twisted 
 Sister classic 

8/21/15, Trump rally in Mobile, Alabama, photo by Eric Trump

8/21/15, Donald Trump speaking to crowd in Alabama

8/21/16, Donald Trump's son, Eric, watches his father at Alabama rally. via Dan Scavino twitter

Above, Trump's speech beginning with "Sweet Home Alabama"


From "We're not Gonna Take It," Lyrics from Twisted Sister song:

"We're not gonna take it anymore...This is our life, this is our song...We'll fight the powers that be...Don't pick our destiny cause you don't know us, you don't belong...You're so condescending, your goal is never ending...We're right...We're free...We'll fight...You'll see....We're not gonna take it anymore."


Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions spoke briefly:


Comment: The US has been converted to a monarchy. We have Ronald Reagan to thank for it. He named George Bush his VP knowing Bush was a beaten weakling looking for payback. George Bush flitted around behind the scenes destroying the US two party system and selling American citizens out to the UN. 


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