Friday, August 21, 2015

Donald Trump on cover of Time, 8/20/15. Headline, 'Deal with it.' Last Trump Time cover Jan. 1989



8/20/15, "Behind TIME’s Cover Shoot with Donald Trump and an American Bald Eagle,", Olivier Laurent

And 26 years ago, 1/16/1989:

Jan. 16, 1989

7/23/15, "How Donald Trump Became Donald Trump," Time, Dan Mitchel

"In 1989, TIME declared the idea of Trump running for president 'farfetched'...He even made a feint at a presidential run in 1987 while demanding that Japan and Saudi Arabia pay for American defense operations in the Persian Gulf. The following year he invited Mikhail Gorbachev over for dinner, conferring on himself what TIME called “the head-of-state status he has been seeking since he publicly implied in 1985 that his premier dealmaking skills were what the strategic arms reduction talks were missing.” Trump as we know him had arrived."...


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