Wednesday, August 12, 2015

RNC says it doesn't matter if GOP televised debates are fair or not, no one's forcing you to be in them-Breitbart. Proven failure Bush hacks trash Trump as if their opinion mattered-Jeffrey Lord

RNC says it doesn't matter if GOP primary debates are fair or not-if you don't like it, don't appear in them:

8/11/15, "Reince Priebus Stands By Hugh Hewitt, Megyn Kelly As ‘Fair’," Breitbart, Matthew Boyle

"Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus, according to an RNC spokeswoman, will stand behind Salem Communications’ Hugh Hewitt — at least for now — as a co-moderator of the next GOP debate despite Hewitt’s public criticisms of frontrunner Donald Trump’s candidacy.

On Meet The Press this Sunday, Hewitt opined that he believes Trump does not have the “temperament” to be president of the United States. He doubled down on that on Morning Joe on MSNBC on Monday morning.

“Hugh Hewitt has interviewed every major Republican candidate this cycle and demonstrated an ability to ask tough, fair and balanced questions that Republican voters care about,” Allison Moore, an RNC spokeswoman, told Breitbart News when asked in response to the Meet The Press incident whether Hewitt can be a fair moderator when he doesn’t like the GOP frontrunner. “We expect his handling of this debate to be no different.”

With Hewitt out there publicly ripping Trump on more than one occasion, it’s raised concerns that perhaps after what happened in the recent Fox News-sponsored debate that he might not be much better of a moderator. Despite the obvious efforts by Fox News to swipe at Trump—efforts that clearly failed as evidenced by post-debate polling—RNC chairman Reince Priebus defended moderators Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier on the spin room floor after the debate.

“Yeah, I think the moderators were fair,” Priebus said when asked by Breitbart News if he thought Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace were fair in the questions they asked. “The candidates have availed themselves to the process. So no one forced candidates to come on stage and answer questions so when candidates availed themselves to the process and availed themselves to the press, they opened themselves up to the process. So you know what? It really doesn’t matter whether it’s fair or not.

If Hewitt continues ripping Trump, it’s unclear how this situation will develop. But after the fiasco here in Cleveland post-GOP-debate, things could get very interesting. Hewitt’s debate, which he will be co-moderating with CNN’s Jake Tapper, is more than a month away. It will take place on Sept. 16 in Simi Valley, California, at the Reagan Library."


The Bush crowd who twice gave us Obama still thinks it has all the answers:

8/11/15, "Bush Aides Who Brought Us Obama, Continue to Trash Trump," Conservative Review, Jeffrey Lord

"Former Bush 43 aide Pete Wehner was convinced.

“Trump is Toast” he wrote in Commentary back in the middle of July. Wehner has also insisted that Trump is a “stain on the Republican party.
“Trump is Toast” he wrote in Commentaryin Commentary back in the middle of July. Wehner has also insisted that Trump is a “stain on the Republican party.” 

Wehner points readers to what he calls this “excellent column” in the Washington Post by another ex-Bush 43 aide, Michael Gerson, in which Gerson is said to “eviscerate” Trump, writing of Trump’s alleged “politics by hammer.” 

Gerson also let it fly with another recent column in the Post headlined: “A GOP led by Donald Trump will fail, and deserve it.” 

Writes Gerson in this column: 

"And I know that the success of Trump would be the downfall of the GOP. Any party captured by rage and resentment will fail, and deserve it. Republicans should stand for responsible reform, not reckless populism."

There’s more of this kind of thing from the Bushies. Karl Rove has called Trump a “complete moron” and a “complete idiot.” 

All of this begs an obvious question. Take a look at this story from CBS News that ran January 16, 2009, four days before the Bush 43 presidency ended. The headline: Bush's Final Approval Rating: 22 Percent.”...

"stain" on the GOP and a complete moron. The word chutzpah comes to mind.

Now they insist "a GOP led by Donald Trump will fail." It is hard, very hard, to imagine that Donald Trump could do any worse than they did." ...via Free Rep.


Comment: The GOP was effectively dead after Nov. 2008 and deservedly so. What remained of the GOP were a few people happy to be left alone and be junior Democrats. They assumed that was the end of it. Everything would've been fine but half the country still needed a political party whose views reflected what the Republican Party's would have if it existed. The Uniparty Ruling Class which includes Fox News thinks it's all over, that they've beaten us, and they're right. We're slaves of their borderless profit center. What has kept the peasants from rising up?

To keep the peasants from rising up and using their power the Ruling Class relies on Establishment pundits like Hugh Hewitt, Jonah Goldberg, and Mark Levin (who would pick Fox News over the people if he had to choose, and has said Hewitt is a great guy) present themselves as wise statesmen above the fray--at home with both conservative "friends" and at least some segment of the GOP E. I see them as deeply in love with being part of the Beltway Establishment and their role in making sure we the people don't gain the traction we need to save this country. They throw us a bone once in awhile so that we buy their books.

The overthrow of our country didn't happen overnight. Plenty of people at the center of things had a voice, had access, but didn't use it, didn't shout from the rooftops so we could save ourselves. Many of these people including some of the pundit class belong in jail in my opinion. Donald Trump could save the country from the UniParty if he wanted to. It just depends if he wants to or not.


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