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When the great Ed Martin was elected Missouri GOP chairman in Jan. 2013, GOP Establishment was 'stunned and horrified'-Hennessy

3/16/13, "When Ed Martin won the race for MOGOP chairman (in Jan. 2013), the establishment was stunned and horrified."


8/6/14, "Why I’m Moving To Censure Henry Barbour In The RNC Over Race-Baiting Ads," Ed Martin, Chairman of Missouri GOP, Daily Caller


8/7/14, "RNC Refuses to Censure Henry Barbour," Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator


2013 GOP Establishment emotional breakdown in the person of former Sen. John Danforth observed by Missouri blogger. “When Danforth took office in 1977, there were 143 Republicans in the House and 38 in the Senate." Republicans were just decoration in Danforth's day.

3/16/2013, "Here’s Why John Danforth’s Attack On Ed Martin Is So Bad for the GOP," Ed Hennessy's View

"When Ed Martin won the race for MOGOP chairman (in Jan. 2013), the establishment was stunned and horrified. Martin appeals to conservative and libertarian grassroots activists, not the smoky room king makers that (former Senator John) Danforth favors.

I think the Establishment believed they could intimidate Martin by threatening to cut off donations to the MOGOP and to Republican candidates who won’t do their bidding.

With Martin continuing to display his populist independent streak, the Establishment called out their version of Mr. Potter to play bad cop, keeping the others’ noses clean.

This Could All End In Disaster for Missouri Republicans.

Danforth  and his cronies are playing with fire. In November 2012, 90,000 votes were cast for Libertarian candidates in Missouri. Most of those votes came at the expense of Republican votes.

If the grassroots–and especially young votersget the feeling that the GOP is a private club for the rich, they’ll flee to the Libertarian Party in 2014. And if the RNC installs rules meant to block non-Establishment presidential candidates at their April meeting in Los Angeles, 2016 could be the Republican Party’s last national election....

Isn’t it sad that Danforth’s vitriolic email to wealthy Republican donors accused Martin of doing exactly what Danforth and his scurvy spiders have been doing for years: deciding who may and may not call themselves Republicans.

In 2005, Danforth all but called for the expulsion of Christian conservatives from the GOP’s ranks. And he did so in that Republican of Republican rags, the New York Times.

Isn’t it sad that a man whose tent is closed to Christians and, now, libertarians accused Ed Martin of minding the gate?"

1/5/13, "New chair set to take over Missouri's Republican Party," KTVO News, Columbia, Missouri

"The Republicans State Committee voted 34-32 to elect Ed Martin as the new state party chairman Saturday."...


Comment: Former Senator John Danforth helps “his” party by ensuring it remains non-functional. He attacks Republicans and conservative Christians (“I’m counting on nausea.”) in such venues as the NY Times, the Washington Post, a radio broadcast, and even a 2006 book timed to negatively effect Republicans (p. 5)  in the midterm elections.

Following is a partial Danforth chronology:

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