Saturday, August 30, 2014

John Kerry NY Times op-ed: US wants to arm 'moderate Syrian' fighters v ISIS. Commenter: ISIS terror never bothered US. ISIS threat to become a state gets US attention

8/29/14, "To Defeat Terror, We Need the World’s Help," NY Times Op-Ed, "John Kerry: The Threat of ISIS Demands a Global Coalition" (8/30 print ed.)

"Airstrikes alone won’t defeat this enemy. A much fuller response is demanded from the world. We need to support Iraqi forces and the moderate Syrian opposition, who are facing ISIS on the front lines. We need to disrupt and degrade ISIS’ capabilities and counter its extremist message in the media."...(parag. 7)


Among NY Times commenters:


"Mark Thomason is a trusted commenter Clawson, MI 1 hour ago

"We need to support Iraqi forces and the moderate Syrian opposition, who are facing ISIS on the front lines."

No, the moderate Syrian opposition is NOT fighting ISIS "on the frontlines." It is fighting Assad. Mostly Assad is physically between the "moderates" and the ISIS.

The only one fighting the ISIS in Syria is Assad. He is minimizing that fight just now because the West using the "moderates" is a more immediate threat to his heartland. The one way to increase Syrians fighting the ISIS is to CUT BACK support to those who are only distracting Assad without hope of winning, in a long slow losing fight.

Furthermore, we are not "fighting terror":

1) Our moderate friends use terror against Assad's state.

2) The ISIS used terror more before it had territory and advanced weapons. We are more worried about ISIS because it is moved beyond terror. When it was just terror, we did not have these conniption fits over it. We are fighing it now because it is no longer JUST terror. It is now a state-like threat, using state-like methods.

Finally, fundraising methods of kidnapping and extortion supported the ISIS when it was only a terror organization. However, it also had large outside support from some of our Gulf friends. NOW it also has taxation, of the territory it controls. The outrage over its fund raising methods was misplaced, and now more so."


"I'm shocked! is a trusted commenter America 4 hours ago 

America should help itself. Don't let terrorists into America."


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