Wednesday, August 20, 2014

American reporter beheaded in Middle East by member of the Religion of Peace

8/19/14, "ISIS militants behead abducted American journalist James Wright Foley in graphic video," NY Daily News, S. Goldstein, J. Warren, B. Hutchinson

Foley prior to beheading
"WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. A masked militant claims the murder is in retaliation for American airstrikes against the Islamic State militants in Iraq. Missing since Nov. 22, 2012, Foley appears to be forced to read an anti-American statement before he is beheaded in the gruesome five-minute clip. His family confirmed his death late Tuesday evening." Image from Daily News and You Tube video.

"After killing the handcuffed Foley, a cloaked terrorist left the victim’s head on the small of his back....It was not clear where the grisly video was filmed."...

Comment: You Tube video of actual beheading was taken down. The Religion of Peace must be protected:

8/19/14, "In Wake of James Foley Beheading Video, Journalists Rush to Self-Censor,"

"The images of Foley will almost certainly be found in perpetuity in the dark corners of the Internet. However, most media outlets and journalists declined to share the graphic video or photos, recognizing that word was already spreading without them."...


Comments: I looked "in the dark corners of the Internet" and have found no images of Foley's actual beheading, video or still. Suggested by Mashable and others is the idea that everybody already knows so why show the images, it just helps the terrorists. Or, "I do not believe in censorship but" this is "sufficient grounds for censorship." Or, don't show because, "It's propaganda for the terrorists," (far leftist Spencer Ackerman). It's the exact opposite of course-material that's continually censored can't possibly be known. After 9-11 in New York some reporters were standing near dead bodies outside the World Trade Center. They said they wouldn't show photos of the bodies because, "no one should see such a thing." Says who? A twisted interpretation of compassion was one more weapon for the terrorists. We're not allowed to know the exact nature of what we face. Where did the Left get the idea that totalitarianism was "good" for humanity? It's never worked where it's been tried. It works for elites but not for humanity. via Pamela Geller


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