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Not to worry, Obama admin. does have definite 'strategy,' has been apparent since at least 2008 but not well publicized because many wouldn't like it. It's to make Iran dominant in Middle East and North Africa, in part to punish US for its historically mean role in the Middle East

8/29/14, "Latest Big Lie: ‘We Have No Strategy’," Michael Ledeen, PJ Media

"They DO have a strategy, but they prefer to appear indecisive.  That’s because the strategy would likely provoke even greater criticism than the false confession of endless dithering.

The actual strategy is detente first, and then a full alliance with Iran throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  It has been on display since before the beginning of the Obama administration.  During his first presidential campaign in 2008, Mr. Obama used a secret back channel to Tehran to assure the mullahs that he was a friend of the Islamic Republic, and that they would be very happy with his policies.  The secret channel was Ambassador William G. Miller, who served in Iran during the shah’s rule, as chief of staff for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and as ambassador to Ukraine.  Ambassador Miller has confirmed to me his conversations with Iranian leaders during the 2008 campaign.

Ever since, President Obama’s quest for an alliance with Iran has been conducted through at least four channels:  Iraq, Switzerland (the official U.S. representative to Tehran), Oman and a variety of American intermediaries, the most notable of whom is probably Valerie Jarrett, his closest adviser.  In recent months, Middle Eastern leaders reported personal visits from Ms. Jarrett, who briefed them on her efforts to manage the Iranian relationship.  This was confirmed to me by a former high-ranking American official who says he was so informed by several Middle Eastern leaders.

The central theme in Obama’s outreach to Iran is his conviction that the United States has historically played a wicked role in the Middle East, and that the best things he can do for that part of the world is to limit and withdraw American military might, and empower our self-declared enemies, whose hostility to traditional American policies he largely shares.

If we look at the current crisis through an Iranian lens, our apparent indecisiveness is easier to understand, for it systematically favors Iran’s interests. Tehran’s closest ally is Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. If Assad were to be overthrown by opposition forces hostile to Iran, it would be a devastating blow to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who has committed tens of thousands of fighters (from Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij) to shore up the Damascus regime. 

Everything Iran does in the region revolves around the necessity of preserving Assad’s tyranny.

Obama surely understands this. It therefore made no sense to bomb Syria in the otherwise baffling about-face on the “red line” a year ago. In like manner, the refusal to take decisive action today against the Islamic State caters to Iranian and Syrian concerns. Remember that ISIS was supported by Iran and Syria as a weapon against anti-Assad and anti-Iranian forces (from the Kurds to the FSA), none of whom is receiving serious American support.

It is exceedingly unlikely that Mr. Obama will do anything that would threaten Assad’s rule or Iran’s power.  To do so would be tantamount to abandoning his core strategy of creating a U.S.-Iranian alliance that would make Tehran the major regional power and Washington a friendly kibbitzer and adviser.

It is even more unlikely that Mr. Obama and his spokespeople will confess to actually having a strategy, because of the political firestorm that would result. Better to be thought a fool than to remove all doubt, after all." via Instapundit


Two among comments to this article at PJ:



If you cobble together the secret meetings with Hamas, the attempt to take out Mubarak and Gaddafi and install the Muslim Brotherhood, the behind the backs of Congress secret deal with Iran to get nukes, the resupply of masterminds in exchange for a traitor, the abandonment of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the utterly contemptuous attitude toward Israel...and weave them through the atrocities in Benghazi, throwing open our borders and calling terrorism workplace violence and police indeed see the clear outlines of a strategy.

By a traitor class.

And Jarrett and Malley are much more involved than many originally believed.

Surrounded by pompous white buffoons...Kerry, Hagel, Biden and protected by the clown prince Reid...the assault on Judeo-Christians goes on unabated.

There is a strategy. And Ayers, Soros, Radhid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Don Warden and Michael Moore are cheering it on.

There is an overthrow in the works. The Bogey Man has a plan."
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I have thought pretty much the same thing since obama gutted the sanctions against Iran. He has ignored and isolated the Saudis, Jordan and increasingly Egypt in order to favor Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Valerie Jarret has wielded an enormous influence over our feckless pres. And the country will pay dearly for this mis-guidance down the road."
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Added: The idea to destroy the US from within has been around a long time, Obama's just doing a better job of it. It's accepted that he supports Islam but there are a variety of individuals and entities that comprise the Muslim world. For the above article to be 100% true, you'd have to believe Obama was faking a bunch of big things. You'd have to believe his "red line" about Syria was just for show, and that he was all along faking his support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar. In any case, punishing the US can be done from many angles.

The Green movement is another way to punish Americans today for alleged injustices that occurred before they were born. Greens say Americans must pay reparations for starting the Industrial Revolution. Obama's Green friend Van Jones is on the board of 'Green For All' a group closely tied with the EPA which agrees with "Green for All' that minority groups are unjustly  impacted by (alleged) global warming so extra money must be transferred to them. (Even if global warming existed, China is the only country who could stop it, but has no desire or reason to do so. Much preferable is to watch the US destroy itself with self-hatred). 'Green For All's' website clearly states its goal is to "disrupt the current economy," ie. under the guise of 'CO2 danger' punish millions of innocent Americans for alleged injustices that occurred before they were born:

"Green For All acknowledges the need to disrupt the current economy, because we understand that our

current economy was based upon human trafficking,

the exploitation of labor, and

violent racism." 

The "disruption" couldn't have happened without cooperation of the political class over several decades.

8/27/14, "EPA Chief: CO2 Regulations Are About ‘Justice’ For ‘Communities Of Color’," Daily Caller, M. Bastasch


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