Thursday, August 21, 2014

States try to build up enthusiasm and revenue for Republican Party but are hung out to dry by RNC-Barbwire

8/20/14, "Is it Your Fault, Mark Levin? Or Rudy Guiliani?", Jonathon Moseley

"Conservatives in the USA make fun of President Barack Obama spending all his time attending fund-raisers....Conservatives can’t seem to figure out that what Democrats do at fund-raisers is they actually raise money. Then Democrats win elections....

(parag. 7) At least three Republican state parties could not get any headliner for GOP events over this summer – even with the help of the Republican National Committee. North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Delaware got no help from any national Republican to build the state party or raise party funds. That’s what the chair of one of those state parties told me in writing. Note that this is for the party. So if you don’t like one candidate over another, that’s not an issue."...via Free Rep.


Comment: The GOP isn't a political party. It's a bank account run by Bush and Barbour mental patients and Fox News. They get $1 billion every 4 years for making sure Democrats win elections. 

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