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Republicans remain silent, don't say what they'll change, why they'll be better, not an ounce of push-back against Democrats. Ironically, they're counting on the Tea Party to bring them victory in November-Rush Limbaugh

8/27/14, "Can Anybody Find the GOP Campaign?" Rush Limbaugh transcript

"I have been really -- and I know you have, too -- profoundly frustrated and puzzled by the utter absence of any push-back by the Republican Party. There's none.  We've talked about it, and I know you are the same. I have been entirely, totally perplexed that the Republican Party has yet to take advantage of the best opportunity they've ever had to contrast who they are with what the Democrat Party is and has become. 

Back in the early nineties, when I would do this show, I would talk about the Democrats and liberalism, and I would say to you in the audience, "If we don't stop it, then X is gonna happen."  It was always a theoretical warning.  It was always sounding the alarm.  "Hey, folks, let me tell you something. If this doesn't stop, let me tell you where we're gonna end up." Well, we've ended up there. We're no longer talking theory. We don't have to rely on predictions of what's gonna happen.

We're living it. And yet the Republicans remain silent. The Republicans do not offer one ounce of push-back, and in many cases, such as immigration, amnesty, they attempt to gloom on and seek the same position the Democrats have....

So I need to ask you, have you seen any commercials run by any Republican candidates or the Republican National Committee that spell out what the Republican agenda is? 

Have you gotten the impression, have you, by virtue of paying attention to the news and watching television, reading the newspaper, whatever, have you seen any Republican messaging?  Have you seen the chairman of the RNC or anybody, potential presidential candidate, I don't care, anybody define what the Republican Party stands for at this moment?  Have you heard anybody say, "We have got to stop the spending"?  Have you heard any Republicans say, "We've got to reduce the deficit," the national debt.

Have you heard any Republicans say, "We have got to continue to repeal Obamacare"?  Have you heard any Republicans say, "We have got to secure the border and we have got to stop this wanton invasion of illegal alien children"? Have you heard any Republican stand up and say anything in opposition to what's going on now? Have you? I haven't. It's, to me, striking. And yet the Republicans, people talk about a wave election, how is that going to happen?  Are they sitting there really believing that the only or the best thing to do is to shut up and don't become targets and let the Democrats commit harakiri and, come November, people will vote Republican automatically 'cause they're so fed up with the Democrats? Is that what the thinking is? 

Is it they are so afraid of presenting any alternative agenda, because they're gonna be attacked as racist or criticizing Obama, which means racist, are they so PTSD'd that they are even wary of presenting an alternative, offering a contrast of spelling out their own agenda and what they stand for and what it will mean for the country if Republicans win the Senate? Have you seen anything that says how it's gonna change? Have you? 

Now, you may talk to people you know in an individual congressman's office and they may tell you, but have you seen any national messaging?  Well, I haven't, either, but I just I needed to ask.  As I say, I don't live everywhere, and I don't watch local TV everywhere, so I don't know what people are seeing.  But I can tell you my sense is -- I mean, I do omnivorous and voluminous reading, and I don't see anything that is in any way representative of a Republican agenda.  I don't see anything out there that voters can see and consume that does explain to them what will change if the Republicans win, how it's gonna get better, how all of this that most everybody disagrees with is going to be brought to a halt....

So the discussion that Larry Sabato brought up of a wave election and how he doesn't see any evidence of it, you may not even need polling data to explain why there is no talk of a wave election....

In the midterms in 2010, there also was not a coordinated Republican message or agenda....The midterm sweep in 2010, the Tea Party, I think that shocked everybody. They retook the House.  I think it just bowled everybody away.  What was interesting about it was it was a total anti-Democrat and anti-Obama vote, 'cause the Republicans, they didn't have an agenda.

They didn't have a candidate that could cause people to rally around the party or him or her.  It just happened. And maybe they're relying on the same thing....But then, on the other side of that, there's 1994 and the Contract with America.

After the first two years of the Clinton administration there was a full-fledged agenda that was put forth nationwide.  All those House races essentially became national, rather than local district races, and in every House Republican district, the candidate talked about what he was gonna do on these national issues. They swept. They took the House back for the first time in 40 years.... 
But isn't it ironic? The GOP, despite everything, is still depending on the Tea Party for a huge wave victory in November."...

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Comment: Limbaugh isn´t saying for example that Boehner doesn´t go out and raise money for his chosen candidates. Boehner´s well known for doing so. The GOP already controls the House so they don´t have to say what they´d do differently there. We already know Mr. Boehner seeks Democrat help to pass what he likes. One could make the case he'd rather have more Democrats around. Rush said he doesn´t hear GOP saying what they´ll change, stop, make better when and if they control the Senate. He doesn't mention Romney but includes potential GOP presidential candidates among those who don't clearly differentiate Republican from Democrat agenda. Romney is constantly in the media and his message is that Republicans must be bipartisan. Rush says he reads a great deal but doesn´t see local news across the country and invites callers to let him know their impressions. My observation is Boehner has had daily access to microphones for 20 years, McConnell for 30 years. I´ve never heard either of them repeat scientific studies published in plain English proving CO2 doesn´t cause warming, or even that EPA says Obama regulations won´t effect CO2 emissions-which they´ve said. This needs to be repeated daily. Nor that multiple published studies say warming hasn´t happened in 15+ years and cooling may continue for 2 more decades. Nor that even if CO2 were poison, China controls global CO2 and keeps building coal plants. $1 billion a day is spent on something that doesn´t exist. It´s foundation is that Americans are greedy and must pay in perpetuity. Boehner and McConnell could point out scientific proof every day that this is fraud but they don´t. And it must be done daily to stop it. They either change the subject, say I´m not a scientist, or that regulations will hurt jobs. Global warming exponents have eagerly noted that Boehner and McConnell won´t deny AGW. This is just one issue that could differentiate Republicans from Democrats. In this case, it´s also a matter of massive fraud. 


6/7/13, "Romney’s Utah summit urges post-partisan cooperation," Salt Lake Tribune, Thomas Burr

"Seven months after losing the election, Mitt Romney urged a gathering in Utah of the nation’s political bigwigs and top business leaders to step past partisan bickering and discuss solutions to some of the nation’s pressing problems.

In a closed-door forum this week in Park City, the former Republican presidential nominee listed the many concerns facing America — from its debt to its economic instability — and suggested to a bipartisan crowd that they use their influence to tackle them."...



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