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UK officials feared being called 'racist' so didn't object to 1400 girls being raped or beaten by Pakistani men while the girls were wards of government-UK Telegraph

"Staff were reluctant to intervene in some cases for fear of being classed as "racist"."..."The woman who presided over the last five the same executive who removed three children from their foster parents because they were UKIP voters."

8/27/14, "Rotherham: the council leaders who presided over child abuse scandal," UK Telegraph, by G. Rayner, M. Evans, J. Bingham

Joyce Thacker
"The author of the Rotherham child abuse report said that by 2005 'nobody could say "I didn't know"' about child sexual exploitation in the town. But who was in charge?"

"The woman who presided over the last five years of failure as the boss of children’s services at Rotherham Council is the same executive who removed three children from their foster parents because they were Ukip voters

Joyce Thacker, the £130,000-a-year Strategic Director of Children’s Services at the scandal-hit council, is among the senior managers who are now under pressure to resign following the “excoriating” report into child sexual exploitation in the town.
Although she is not named as being culpable for the failure to protect 1,400 abused children in the report, as the head of children’s services since 2008 Mrs Thacker is among those whose positions now appear to be under threat....Mrs Thacker, who joined the Council as deputy head of children’s services in 2006, is already a controversial figure following her decision two years ago to remove three ethnic minority children from their foster parents because of their affiliation to Ukip

After The Telegraph drew attention to the foster parents’ plight, Mrs Thacker refused to back down, saying the children’s “cultural and ethnic needs” did not fit in with the parents’ “strong views”. She said their support for Ukip meant they opposed "multiculturalism.""...

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"Staff were reluctant to intervene in some cases for fear of being classed as "racist"."

8/29/14,  "Rotherham: 'Brazen' sex abusers sent taxis to collect girls from children's home," UK Telegraph

"Rotherham's sex abusers "brazenly" picked up girls as young as 11 from their children's home and in some cases sent taxis to collect them, a former worker has disclosed.

The unnamed male care worker told the BBC that the abusers made "absolutely no attempts to disguise what they were doing."
He claimed staff were reluctant to intervene in some cases for fear of being classed as "racist".

His allegations follow claims in The Times that senior staff at Rotherham council ordered a raid on one of their offices to remove case files and wipe computer records detailing the scale and severity of the town's sex-grooming crisis.
A report has found that at least 1,400 children were sexually exploited in the town by men predominantly of Pakistani heritage between 1997 and 2013.

The abuse they suffered included beatings, rape and trafficking to various towns and cities in England, Prof Alexis Jay's report revealed on Tuesday....

He said he confronted some of the men, despite warnings from his colleagues some carried knives....

"They would sometimes say that they would have you stabbed or shot by one of their associates."

Each time a girl went missing police were called, but officers usually only arrived when the child got back to the home, sometimes "high on drugs" or "incredibly drunk", he said.

"And we documented every single night, and we spoke to social workers. The social workers were passing that on. "Everything we passed on, nothing seemed to go further in any way shape or form."

He said he eventually left the home over his frustrations he was failing the children in his care and said he was not surprised at the revelations in Prof Jay's report."...


Aug. 2014 defection to UKIP stuns the comfortable UK Conservative Party:

8/28/14, "Tory MP Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP and forces by-election,"  BBC

"Tory Douglas Carswell has defected to UKIP and quit as MP for Clacton, saying he will contest the subsequent by-election for Nigel Farage's party.

If he wins the support of voters he will be the first elected UK Independence Party MP in the Commons. The maverick Eurosceptic backbencher said he did not believe Prime Minister David Cameron was "serious about the change we need" in Europe.

The PM described his defection as "regrettable" and "counterproductive"....Mr. Carswell said..."My local Conservative Association in Clacton is thriving. It brims with those I'm honoured to call my friends.

"The problem is that many of those at the top of the Conservative Party are simply not on our side."...

[Ed. note: We hear you: "Again and again, the American people are forced to confront the fact that its ruling class is not on its side." Angelo Codevilla, 2011, "The Lost Decade," subhead, "Public Safety," 3rd parag.]

(continuing, BBC): "They aren't serious about the change that Britain so desperately needs.

"Of course they talk the talk before elections. They say what they feel they must say to get our support... but on so many issues - on modernising our politics, on the recall of MPs, on controlling our borders on less government, on bank reform, on cutting public debt, on an EU referendum - they never actually make it happen."

He said only UKIP could "shake up that cosy little clique called Westminster".

On Mr Cameron's pledge of an in/out EU referendum in 2017, after renegotiating powers back from Brussels, he said the prime minister's advisers had "made it clear that they're looking to cut a deal that gives them just enough to persuade enough voters to vote to stay in".

He added: "Once I realised that, my position in the Conservative Party became untenable."
Mr Cameron - who was not warned by Mr Carswell about his plan to defect - said: "It's obviously deeply regrettable when things happen like this, when people behave in this way.""...


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