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US Joint Chiefs said of attacks by ISIS, certain countries 'because of open borders and immigration issues, it's an immediate threat.' Open borders? Immigration issues? Oh-he meant the 'southern border' of NATO, what a relief-Howie Carr

8/24/14, "Welcome Mat is Out," Howie Carr, Boston Herald

"So the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said the other day that when it comes to terrorist attacks by ISIS, certain countries “because of open borders and immigration issues, it’s an immediate threat.

Open borders? Immigration issues?

What nation could Army Gen. Martin Dempsey possibly be speaking of?

As it turns out, Dempsey is a good bureaucrat, an Obama Kool-Aid drinker from way back, and he was referring to the “southern border” of NATO.

Whew, that’s a relief. Besides, the U.S. doesn’t have any borders anymore, open or otherwise.

Who are these nattering nabobs of negativism, these nervous nellies screaming about ISIS? Gov. Rick Perry of Texas said it’s a “very real possibility” ISIS has already crossed the border in the flood of the shiftless Central American underclass invading EBT-land.

How dare Perry say such a thing! No wonder the Democrats had to indict him.

Does something seem very wrong here? The U.S. draws a “line in the sand,” so to speak, against ISIS — 10,000 miles away. But on our own border ... nothing to see here, folks, move along.

Not only do we lavish welfare on any and all terrorists who want it— hello, Tsarnaevs! Now the Border Patrol union says the TSA is allowing illegal aliens onto commercial airliners, no ID’s required, no questions asked.

On Friday, the feds issued a directive to all police departments warning of terrorist threats from ISIS. Two days earlier, the Boston City Council voted unanimously to bar Boston police from holding illegal aliens on “civil detainer” requests from ICE.

You see, illegal aliens in the “community” are afraid to report crimes because they could themselves be held. Oh sure, happens all the time.

If you’re an undocumented Democrat who doesn’t want to obey the law, who are we to judge you? If you want to sneak into the U.S. and leech off the welfare system while you’re plotting to kill us, that’s your right too. You’re an illegal alien.

During the so-called debate, City Councilor Charles “Don’t Call Me Chuck” Yancey pointed out that the Pilgrims were “undocumented” and smugly recalled a time when a measure to ignore the laws of the land would have been opposed by some troglodytes on the council.

Hey, Chuck, I can even remember a time when at least a few members of the council knew that it was the Puritans who colonized Boston, not the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims landed in Plymouth.

But what does it matter? The other day, an ISIS spokesman publicly dared the U.S. to invade Iraq. 

Two days later, he’s dead, killed by the Syrian forces of Bashar Assad, the same regime Obama was threatening to bomb back to the Stone Age a year ago. As that “line in the sand” was being drawn against Syria, the U.S. was supplying arms to the Syrian jihadists who are now known as ISIS.

Jihad makes even stranger bedfellows than politics.

Meanwhile, Qatar is denying it provides financial funding for ISIS. 

You know Qatar — Obama sold them new Apache helicopters last month. And they own Al Jazeera, the network where Hillary Clinton says she goes to get “real news.”

Yes, that would be the same Hillary who now says Obama has no clue what he’s doing in foreign policy.

But what do we care about any of this? How ’bout them Patriots? Plus, the terrorists have forgotten Boston, right, after flying two planes out of Logan on 9/11 and then bombing the Boston Marathon. They’re done with us, right?

By the way, the same day the council gave the get-out-of-jail-free card to illegal aliens, they also banned a new app that would have been used to obtain parking spaces in Boston. This is what passes for a real threat to public safety in Boston.

Guess which network did a piece on the dispute? Al Jazeera America.

Five minutes showing the real priorities of the local Pilgrims, I mean Crusaders. I’m sure no one in Qatar, or Cambridge, was taking notes on how clueless we are.

Nothing to see here folks, move along." via Lucianne


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