Thursday, August 28, 2014

ISIS beheads Kurdish man in Iraq-BBC

Live Leak video

8/28/14, "Islamic State militants 'behead Kurdish man' in Iraq," BBC

Kurd beheading by Islam

"Analysis by BBC Arab Affairs Editor Sebastian Usher"

"Entitled "A Message in Blood", the latest video produced by the skilled propagandists of Islamic State is clearly aimed at the Kurds fighting them in northern Iraq. 

It parades a group of Kurdish men who are said to be captured peshmerga fighters and who have all been put in orange jumpsuits. That detail is not the only way in which this video is reminiscent of the IS staging of their murder of the US journalist, James Foley. 

The beheading of one of the Kurdish hostages is shown filmed from two angles - both to add extra documentary proof and to make it a slicker production. But the backdrop this time is not made as neutral as possible. Instead, the main mosque in Mosul looms behind - a provocation, trying to show that IS control of the city is assured. 

The screen is then split showing the hostage and his captor on one side and photos of Kurdish leaders meeting President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry on the other. The jihadists threaten more such killings if the Kurds continue to ally themselves with the US. In a choreography of murder again very similar to the killing of James Foley, the kneeling man is then beheaded with a knife."
Image: "The IS video uses a mosque in Mosul as a backdrop for the execution." BBC


Comment: The Live Leak video shows the split screen with beheading on one side and Obama and Kerry on the other. It's a few minutes into it, near the end. Most of the video is singing. I guess the weapons the Kurds begged for didn't get to them.

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