Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nigeria puts up no fight against Boko Haram Muslim terrorists who've seized police training academy, Nigerian soldiers quit over lack of government support to fight heavily armed Muslims from the Religion of Peace-BBC

US didn't name Boko Haram a terror group until 2013 though its violent campaign to create a Muslim state began in 2009.
8/21/14, "Boko Haram crisis: Nigeria militants 'seize police academy'," BBC

Boko Haram Muslims, AFP
"Northern Nigeria's riot police training academy has been overrun by Boko Haram Islamist militants, a witness in Borno state has told the BBC.

Shots were heard after the militants arrived in three armoured vehicles and on dozens of motorcycles, he said.

A police spokesman confirmed the attack while a senior security source said it had not been possible to communicate with the academy since Wednesday.

The Liman Kara college is near Gwoza town, seized by Boko Haram this month.

Thousands have been killed across north-eastern Nigeria since Boko Haram launched its violent campaign for an Islamic state in 2009.

The militants have stepped up their attacks after being pushed out of their bases in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, and have been targeting towns and villages in deadly raids.

In recent weeks, the militants have been moving from their rural camps and taking over substantial towns.

'Residents fled'
The militants have been in control of Gwoza, which had a population of about 50,000, since the beginning of August.

They apparently retreated about 100km (62 miles) to Gwoza after losing control of Damboa - both large towns in Borno state.

But attempts by the security forces to retake Gwoza have failed - and a group of about 40 soldiers is now refusing to fight, saying they are too poorly equipped to take on the heavily armed insurgents....

Who are Boko Haram?

Founded in 2002

Initially focused on opposing Western education - Boko Haram means "Western education is forbidden" in the Hausa language

Launched military operations in 2009 to create an Islamic state

Thousands killed, mostly in north-eastern Nigeria - but also attacks on police and UN headquarters in capital, Abuja

Some three million people affected 

Declared terrorist group by US in 2013."

Image above: "Boko Haram fighters are well armed and often dress in military uniforms," AFP via BBC


 Map from BBC

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