Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beheading of US journalist shown continuously on giant tv screen in downtown Beijing despite efforts of western media to censor images

8/21/14, "Graphic footage of executed US journalist shown on giant TV screen in heart of Beijing,"

Beijing shows Foley beheading

"Thursday evening in Beijing's downtown area – in the heart of Dongzhimen, and above one of the capital's busiest transport hubs – a giant cinema-sized TV screen beams out looped images of racially charged riots in Ferguson, Missouri and Islamic extremists preparing to execute US journalist James Foley. 

The footage of Foley comes in spite of concerted efforts throughout western media, and especially on Twitter, to censor images of the execution. Many media outlets have been moved to depict the courageous journalist as he was in life, not death: a dedicated and respected war reporter.

WARNING: Video below contains images of James Foley's execution broadcast in Dongzhimen on 21 August (VPN required)." Foley execution begins at :25 for about 12 seconds. via Pamela Geller

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