Tuesday, August 19, 2014

US taxpayers now paying for missions to blow up other US taxpayer funded weaponry and its results-Zero Hedge

8/19/14, "How Much Does It Cost America To Blow Up American Weapons?" Zero Hedge

"US taxpayers are now paying for military missions, in which US taxpayer paid-for warplanes and missiles 

are used to blow up 

other US taxpayer paid-for tanks, artillery, MRAPs, and various other weapons of death."...


"It is the effective manipulation of our belief systems that enslaves us to the present day insanity."...

 8/17/14, "Control the Language and You Control the Mind," Cognitive Dissonance, via Zero Hedge

"While I am most definitely sympathetic when someone protests “It simply never occurred to me...” ultimately only slaves are not responsible for the language they use and the thought boxes they keep.

Precisely what is it you think you ‘know’ for certain? Exactly what ‘knowledge’ do you possess which is of such certainty and veracity that it need never be seriously questioned or examined? 

Ultimately if something never occurred to me it is simply because I decided the softer easier way forward was to participate in groupthink and not question my ‘reality’.  I alone am responsible for my curiosity quotient or lack thereof.

Since better answers do not come without asking better or different questions, there is no one else to blame for our ignorance but us. Just because I have been trained and conditioned to ‘believe’, rather than to think, doesn’t mean I am incapable of thinking. What it does mean is I simply do not wish to be curious beyond the comforting confines of my own thought walls....

Knowledge, information, propaganda and belief, while all distinctly different words with dissimilar meanings, are often conflated to mean nearly the same thing. Or more accurately, the meanings and definitions are blurred, combined and contrived in order to create a controlling thought meme that is skillfully separated from reality and ‘truth’. Herein is the problem as I see it, or at least a major issue that greatly contributes to groupthink, the hive mind

and ultimately the sacrifice of the ‘self’."...


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