Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Jonathan Martin at NY Times re Ted Cruz and NRSC: In March 2014 Sen. Cruz said he works for NRSC in gen. elections but not primaries, when he signed as vice chmn. he stated that preference

In March 2014 Sen. Cruz said he'll be active for NRSC in general elections but not primaries:

3/10/14, "Ted Cruz Is Calling Time-Out on His Role at NRSC—For Now," National Journal, M. Catalini

"“When I signed on to be vice chairman of the NRSC, I made it very explicit that I don’t believe the NRSC should be involved in primaries, that its appropriate role is to help elect Republicans in general elections,” he said. “Subsequent to that time, the NRSC made a different decision, to get actively involved in primaries. I don’t agree with that.”

Asked why he doesn’t resign from his NRSC post, Cruz said he still wants to see Republicans win in November.

I support the ultimate objective of helping elect Republicans in general elections,” he said. “But at this point, I disagree with the approach they’ve taken, and so I don’t intend to facilitate that approach.”"...

6/11/14, "After Primary Upset, G.O.P. Fears Infighting Will Take a Toll," NY Times, Jonathan Martin

"Mr. Cruz seized on the Virginia results and the coming runoff election in Mississippi, where the six-term Republican senator Thad Cochran is in serious jeopardy of losing to a Tea Party-backed challenger, to fire a warning shot at his own party.
In both instances, voters decided they wanted something different from business as usual in Washington,” Mr. Cruz, who is a vice-chairman of the Senate Republican campaign arm supporting Mr. Cochran, told reporters. “That’s a powerful message that I hope every elected official hears.” 

Such comments by Mr. Cruz frequently inflame establishment-aligned Republicans. But on Wednesday, as Republican members of Congress walked quickly through the Capitol, their feelings seemed especially raw."...
Comment: What's so controversial about the GOP Establishment hearing the will of American voters? If they hadn't ignored or ridiculed "such comments" for the past decade they wouldn't have a problem today. Andrew Breitbart might not've worked himself to death giving the GOP House a massive landslide in Nov. 2010 if he'd known the landslide was going to be such a bother. Nice that the NY Times is sensitive to "raw feelings" of its Establishment GOP pals. 


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