Wednesday, June 4, 2014

To Jonathan Martin at the NY Times: Obama can't be re-elected, so he obviously isn't the problem. The problem is your pals in the GOP Establishment only want to elect liberal democrats

With 99.2% Mississippi precincts reporting McDaniel leads Cochran by 2373 votes. Absentee ballots are still to be counted. 

6/3/14, "Tea Party Challenge in Mississippi G.O.P. Primary Goes to the Wire," NY Times, Jonathan Martin

"If Mr. Cochran was unable to adjust to the necessities of Republican politics in 2014, Mr. McDaniel seemed well-suited for the moment. He aligned himself with Tea Party-backed senators like Ted Cruz of Texas and seized on the contempt that conservative activists have for Mr. Obama by assuring them he would fight for them in Washington."...


Comment: Mr. Martin, it's inaccurate if not ignorant to attribute Mr. McDaniel's success to "seizing on conservative contempt for Obama." Mr. McDaniel and his supporters know Obama can't be re-elected. Successful campaigns are built on well articulated positions stated on a daily basis over hundreds of days before and between elections. Since Mr. McDaniel has won statewide elections, he probably knows this. "Contempt" may motivate your political decisions but please don't project them onto others. The GOP Establishment is the reason the country was given Democrat presidents in 2008 and 2012. If it weren't Obama it would've been Hillary. Even "GOP" Pres. Bush publicly said before the 2008 election he thought Hillary would be great. Some GOP E are still saying that in 2014--as you may know. As you certainly know, the GOP E likes the same things liberal democrats like. If they actually held opposing views to liberal democrats, they would've retired from the public stage in disgrace for being such failures. As your guy George Soros said, Romney and Obama are the same, they just have different people around them. Neither of the RNC's hand picked 2008 and 2012 presidential candidates had the slightest intention of winning. Nor did the RNC itself as published reports of its threadbare campaigns document. In 2012 RNC's chosen US Senate candidates lost 11 races. The RNC of course is merely the Bush and Barbour families. Its sole purpose is to rake in $1 billion every 4 years running fake candidates. As it happens, the group owes a great deal to Mr. Obama because he helped them beat the Tea Party (which had scared the GOP E to death for a little while). Obama's 2012 re-election catapulted John Boehner to world prominence, commencing with Boehner proclaiming to ABC News that Obama's re-election meant ObamaCare was the law of the land. The GOP lost both the House and Senate in 2006 with a sitting "Republican" president. By November 2008 the Republican Party had merged with Democrats into the UniParty, the party of government, as Dr. Codevilla calls it, leaving half of America without political representation.

As it stands today, the US has one functioning political party, the Democrats. Obama does what he does because he knows the GOP E won't stop him. We have a defacto soft dictatorship. The people are on one side, everyone else is on the other. By the way, regarding the Tea Party, I assume you're aware that some "national" Tea Party groups are GOP E co-opt jobs and have been so almost from day one. They hob nob with GOP E at meetings and conferences, take in millions yearly from small donors, and give little or none of the money to candidates. No national TP groups were involved in the big GOP E loss of Eric Cantor. National TP groups either rejected or ignored Dave Brat the eventual winner.


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