Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses to Tea Party Candidate Economics Professor Dave Brat. Congratulations, Dave!

"The decision by Boehner and Cantor to face down their Tea Party wing was thought to have taken the momentum out of the upstart movement."...

6/10/14, "Cantor Loses," Politico, Jake Sherman, Richmond, Va.

Dave Brat
"House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was toppled on Tuesday night in the most shocking primary defeat since Republicans took the House in 2010.

Dave Brat, a local economics professor who had tea party support, became the second challenger to defeat a House incumbent this primary season. Texas Republican Ralph Hall lost to a tea party insurgent at the end of May.

Brat also halted one of the most meteoric rises in national politics, and his win illustrates the strong anti-incumbent fever that has taken over Cantor’s Richmond-area district.

(Full primary election results)

Cantor’s defeat not only reorders Virginia politics, where Cantor was the highest-ranking Republican, but it completely throws the House Republican leadership into flux. Cantor, 51, was long seen as the next speaker of the House after John Boehner retires." Image: Dave Brat from The Bull Elephant


Added: This was a grassroots victory and a Tea Party victory to a point. Well known so-called national Tea Party groups generally do little or nothing for individual candidates contrary to popular belief. They didn't do anything for Dave Brat. Per Laura Ingraham on Fox News tonight (Tues.) at 9:06pm, Dave Brat couldn't even get Tea Party Patriots chief Jenny Beth Martin on the phone. Local tea party groups across the country are good, sincere people but they have no money. Big TP groups co-opt and weaken real TP groups. Typically these big groups will now fundraise off the Dave Brat win though they had nothing to do with it. Radio hosts Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin promoted Dave Brat and were influential in tonight's win. Also key was that the US now has open borders with upwards of 100,000 illegal aliens from Central America here whom we're told cannot be "sent back" for some reason, and are the permanent responsibility of the selfish, bigoted US taxpayer (this is how the GOP describes us), and many more are on the way. Susan

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