Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mississippi ad responds to Permanent Republican Ruling Class Cochran seeking Democrat votes

6/2/14, "Response to Ad asking Democrats to vote in GOP Primary," Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund


3 citations for campaign of Mississippi Ruling Class "Republican" Cochran soliciting Democrat votes to give him 6 more years in the US Senate:

5/31/14, "Cochran ad seeks Democratic votes for a Republican primary," Jackson Jambalaya 

"Desperate or smart? That 'tis the question as an ad in the Mississippi Link asked "democrats to cross over and vote in the republican primary to ensure our community's interest is heard." Republicans asking Democrats to vote in a Republican primary? Interesting."...


5/31/14, "Sen Wicker (MS) and County Republican Leader Appeal for Democrat Votes in Senate Primary?" Derek E. Hopper, RedState.com

"It’s up to us to do our part in getting 

normally democratic voters out to our primary." 


5/31/14, "Santorum Campaigns for McDaniel as Pro-Cochran Group Turns to Democrat Voters for Help," Breitbart, Matthew Boyle
"Henry Barbour, the nephew of former Gov. Haley Barbour and head of pro-Cochran Super PAC Mississippi Conservatives, tweeted in response to conservative criticism that Cochran would turn to Democrats for help: “do you have an issue with black people voting in R primary?”"


6/2/14, "Roger Wicker a No-Show at Cochran Rally," Breitbart, Matthew Boyle, Jackson, Mississippi

Among comments:


One Jackson based journalist already calling the ad [to which the above responds] one of the biggest blunders of the campaign.



Angelo Codevilla points to America's Ruling Class as the source of our problems. 3 citations:


(One): 2/20/13, "As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned," Angelo Codevilla, Forbes, op-ed  

They "collude and demand submission as did the royal courts of old."....(subhead 'Public Safety')


(Two) 12/15/13, "Breaking The UniParty," Angelo Codevilla, libertylawsite.org

 "So long as the Uniparty exists, mere voters will have no way of affecting what the government does."

(Three): 10/20/11, "The lost decade," (2001-2011) Angelo M. Codevilla, Claremont Institute

"Our ruling class justified its ever-larger role in America’s domestic life by redefining war as a never-ending struggle against unspecified enemies for abstract objectives, and by asserting expertise far above that of ordinary Americans. (parag. 9)...It failed to ask the classic headwaters question: what is the problem?...(subhead, 'Whatever it takes')

"Whatever it Takes"...

That would have pointed to the Middle East’s regimes, and to our ruling class’ relationship with them, as the problem’s ultimate source. The rulers of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority had run (and continue to run) educational and media systems that demonize America. Under all of them, the Muslim Brotherhood or the Wahhabi sect spread that message in religious terms to Muslims in the West as well as at home.


That message indicts America, among other things, for being weak.

And indeed, ever since the 1970s U.S. policy had responded to acts of war and terrorism from the Muslim world by absolving the regimes for their subjects’ actions....Many influential Americans were making money in the Arab world."... 



Comment: Nice that a Tea Party group actually spent some money supporting an individual candidate. Despite media reports, this isn't customary. Local Tea groups don't have any money. A few so-called national Tea groups have money but these groups are usually fake, ie GOP co-opt jobs. They collect lots of money via small donors but almost never give any of it directly to a candidate's campaign or in this case put it into a focused ad. Here's hoping Mississippi elects McDaniel and helps the country get back to the two party system and away from the permanent Ruling Class.


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