Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mississippi Democrat Senate candidate Travis Childers seeks 'series of debates' with Thad Cochran beginning in July. 'It's clear Senator Cochran doesn't have the confidence of the state, let alone his own party'-Yall Politics

6/25/14, "Travis Childers takes first shot of general election campaign, calls for debates #MSSen," Yall Politics

"RELEASE: Democratic nominee for US Senate release on Republican runoff: Booneville, Miss.

"Tonight, Travis Childers issued the following statement on the results of the Republican Senate runoff in Mississippi.

"One thing is clear tonight: Senator Cochran does not have the confidence of his state, let alone his own party. The majority of Republicans voted for change in Washington
. And if we are going to change Washington, we will need to change who we send to Washington.

"The same people will give us the same results of gridlock, and elected officials will continue fighting each other rather than fighting for Mississippians. It is time for a change, and I believe I can best represent the future of Mississippi in the United States Senate.

"I look forward to a spirited debate with Senator Cochran on the many issues facing Mississippi. And I am calling for Senator Cochran to join me in a series of debates beginning next month, so voters can clearly see the differences."" via Free Rep.


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