Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric Cantor received 8738 fewer votes in 2014 than in 2012 though turnout was up 37% in 2014-AP, Washington Post

6/10/14, "Eric Cantor succumbs to tea party challenger Tuesday," Washington Post, Robert Costa, Laura Vozzella, and David Fahrenthold

"Brat was boosted for months by conservative talk-radio hosts, including Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin, who touted him as a contender to their listeners and drove small-dollar donations into Brat’s coffers. Unhappy with what they considered a too-hesitant-to-fight GOP, they championed Brat as a fellow warrior for an ideological cause, lifting him with the GOP’s base as he hovered under the national radar. 

When Election Day came, the turnout was high: About 65,000 people voted, which was up from 47,037 two years ago (when Cantor captured 79 percent of the vote).

After the race had been called, Brat spoke to cheering supporters in the atrium of a nondescript building at an office park. He told them that he had won by adhering to conservative principles."...


Cantor received 8738 fewer votes in 2014 than in 2012:

6/11/14, "House Majority Leader Cantor defeated in primary," AP, Alan Suderman and David Espo

"With votes counted in 99 percent of the precincts, 64,418 votes were cast, roughly a 37 percent increase over two years ago.

Despite that, Cantor polled fewer votes than he did in 2012 - 28,631 this time, compared with 37,369 then."...


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