Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Chris Snyder, what "tax revelations" were made about Trump? None, other than he lost money one year. No one has suggested anything illegal about it. Therefore why do you say it requires "spin" to make it look like other than what it is? Using your logic, if the NY Times building has a lot of empty space in it, it's possible a lot of dead bodies are stored there


Oct. 2, 2016, "Christie tries to spin tax revelations saying the report is a "very good story for Donald Trump”," Chris Snyder twitter, Fox News

Mr. Snyder, all you have is Trump stated losses in one year. How is this a "revelation?" Are you aware that no illegal behavior has been suggested by anyone? Why do you say it's a "revelation" that someone needs to "try" to "spin"? Spin it from what to what? By your logic, the NY Times has a large building with a lot of empty space, therefore there could be dead bodies stored there--we just don't know until we're allowed to look through every inch of the place:

"Using the same logic, the New York Times has a large building with plenty of space to store the bodies of murdered hoboes. I have no evidence that the New York Times building is full of murdered hoboes. But the fact that it could be used for such a purpose combined with the refusal of the New York Times to let me inspect every inch of it in search of murdered hoboes certainly lends fuel to my wholly invented claim that the building is full of murdered hoboes."

10/2/16, "Media Launches Baseless Speculation Using Parts of Trump's Stolen '95 Tax Returns," Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Mag


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