Friday, October 21, 2016

At request of outgoing Obama administration on June 30, the Nov. 2016 US presidential election will have foreign monitors. UN OAS staff will be in 15 key states including Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Georgia-Fox News Latino, Miami Herald (Congratulations. US is finally recognized as a Third World hell hole)

Oct. 20, 2016, "For first time ever, OAS to send poll observers to U.S.,..." Fox News Latino

"The Organization of American States (OAS) usually sends election monitors to politically volatile nations like Haiti, Guatemala and Venezuela to monitor for election fraud and voter intimidation.

For the first time ever, however, the OAS will be sending monitors to the United States to oversee polling places come Election Day on Nov. 8.

Former Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla who will head up the OAS observation mission to the U.S. election, told the Miami Herald that their presence was requested by the US government on June 30....

Pennsylvania will be one of the 15 states where the OAS will deploy election observers and will also include New York, California, Georgia and the battleground state of Ohio. The OAS will not be sending observers to Florida because state law that prohibits such outside election missions.

Chinchilla said that so far there is no legitimate concern that the U.S. elections will be rigged, adding that while individual complaints have been lodged by both Democrats and Republicans over voter registration lists, “they follow historical U.S. election patterns.”

“Up to now, based on what we have advanced in conversations with representatives of U.S. state and national electoral organizations, we cannot say that there are any indications that there could be a fraud on a national scale,” Chinchilla told the Herald."...


Note: I modified the original/existing headline of the above article because it was extremely misleading: "For first time ever, OAS to send poll observers to U.S. amid Trump's claims of 'rigged' election." 

The article states that monitors were sought by the outgoing Obama administration on June 30, 2016, long before Trump began speaking of rigged elections. What's wrong with telling the truth? 

For the record, as of 2015, John Kerry still thinks the 2004 election was rigged by the Bush campaign. In particular, Kerry thinks they rigged the vote in Ohio.


Additional article confirming June 30, 2016 request for outside scrutiny by Obama, Miami Herald via Santa Rosa Press Democrat:

10/21/16,  "International monitors for a US election--just like in Haiti," Miami Herald, Andres Oppenheimer, columnist 

"For the first time ever, the Organization of American States will monitor the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, putting the United States in the same league as Haiti and other politically volatile Latin American countries.... 

The head of the OAS observation mission to the U.S. election, former Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla, told me in an interview that the outside scrutiny was requested by the U.S. government on June 30. 

The OAS has been monitoring elections in Latin America and the Caribbean for the past 50 years, most recently in Haiti, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru. Usually, governments request these missions to generate domestic and foreign confidence in the electoral process and to help prevent post-electoral violence. 

In this case, the OAS will deploy election observers in up to 15 U.S. states, including New York, California, Ohio, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Florida will not be included because of a state law that prohibits such outside election missions, she said. 

Chinchilla told me that the OAS is more than happy to conduct its U.S. observation mission, among other things because it will help debunk a frequent excuse by Latin American authoritarian regimes for not accepting outside electoral monitoring missions. “Many of them say, ‘If the United States doesn’t allow observers, why should we?’ ” she explained."...



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