Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trump sign stealers in Brevard County, Florida, beware: Brevard County Trump supporters "just got a shitload more signs today" and they're "attaching a little gift for the sign thieves"-Oct. 29, 2016

10/29/16, "Donald Trump and Mike Pence Stride Confidently Amid Surging Support, Polls and Crowds," tcth, sundance 

Among comments to above post: 

"kingjulianx says:
We are having huge sign problems now in Brevard county Florida! Every Republican candidate is being taken now “not just Trump and Pence”. But little do they know we just got a shitload more signs today that we are attaching a little gift for the sign thieves."

Below, Brevard County, Florida


"Beverly says:

Use the Skunk Lock bicycle lock. Makes the thief throw up."


"law4lifeblog says:
We put carpet tack strips all around our signs, with nails pointing out…."


Below, a man in Florida received an electric shock while trying to steal a booby trapped Trump sign:

9/30/16, "Man electrocuted while trying to steal booby trapped Trump sign," WDBO, Orlando, Fla.,, Samantha Jordan

"A very annoyed Donald Trump supporter has built a wall of electricity to protect his campaign sign from thieves.

A video posted to YouTube [You Tube has removed the video] shows a neighbor attempting to steal the Trump sign from a yard. The owner says his signs have been stolen and vandalized in the past, so he decided to booby trap his newest one.

Surveillance video captures the hoodie-wearing neighbor trying to take the sign...and he's instantly shocked!
He then turns and runs away.

The homeowner claims that the man has been charged with trespassing. Watch the video HERE." 

[Comment: Oct. 30, 2016: You Tube has removed the video. The above image is a screen shot from the now removed video, via WDBO. I saw the video before it was removed. The hooded guy is first seen walking along the street at the top of the photo, as he walks he eyes the Trump sign, disappears down the street, then comes back, heads for the property with the Trump sign, puts his hand on the sign, then immediately jumps several inches. Susan]


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