Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Woodward and Bernstein in 1970s did the job Wikileaks does today, sought to expose government. Media today is the opposite, see themselves as protectors and defenders of the state-Rush Limbaugh, 10/26/16

10/26/16, "Obamacare Failure and Lies Revealed by WikiLeaks Should Disqualify Democrats," Rush Limbaugh

"Do you realize if journalism today was as it was back in the 1970s, we wouldn't need WikiLeaks? We had Woodward and Bernstein who did, back in the 70s when Nixon was the target, exactly what WikiLeaks is doing today. But the thing that's changed is that Woodward and Bernstein did not consider themselves defenders and protectors of the state. 
Woodward and Bernstein thought they were there to blow up the state. They were there to prove everybody in the state was a lying SOB, and that's because Nixon ran the state. Today, the Drive-By Media in no way wants to hold the state, people in government, accountable for anything. The only enemy in America today is the Republican Party and the conservative movement, and that's it.  That's the sole focus."...(parags. 8 and 9)


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