Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why Breitbart website is fundraising for Ted Cruz-Sundance, The Conservative Treehouse

11/22/15, "Why Breitbart Website Is Fundraising For Ted Cruz…," Sundance, The Conservative Treehouse 

"This is apparently one of those things that is an open, and yet non-discussed, secret.

Several people have queried why they would be getting Ted Cruz campaign donation requests/solicitation directly from Breitbart, and/or getting donation requests from Ted Cruz on Breitbart letterhead.

The answer is simple, yet perhaps like me you never knew.

The Breitbart Media Group is financially backed and funded by Hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer. Mercer was/is the originating financial backer for the Ted CruzKeep the Promise” (KtP 1, KtP2 and KtP3) Super-PACs.  Mercer is also the financial backing behind Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica is the receiver of the contact information provided to Breitbart when you participate in their on-line Presidential Poll.

In essence, when you participate the Breitbart poll, you are sending your personal information into a data-base controlled by the proprietary interests of Robert Mercer, Cambridge Analytica. The Ted Cruz campaign then uses the data collected to fund-raise on behalf of the Campaign.

Perhaps I’m the last person to discover that Breitbart is essentially a political operation of the Cruz campaign – but this is akin to realizing the Clinton Global Initiative is the financial underwriter for the New York Times.

While all the dots have never been fully assembled, the facts around relationship have been discussed in various articles, yet never connected:

♦  Politico outlines the Robert Mercer financial underwriting/ownership of Breitbart HERE
♦  Christian Science Monitor article showing how much Mercer is invested in Ted Cruz HERE  The New York Times goes into greater detail HERE
♦  Politico July article outlining Robert Mercer’s financial underwriting of Cambridge Analytica to collect: “psychographic” analyses of voters to try to win them over with narrowly targeted micro-messages” – HERE
♦  FEC distribution showing Ted Cruz Leadership PAC – Pre-Presidential Bid – Paying Cambridge Analytica HERE

It would appear the entire reason for Breitbart.Com to put their Presidential Preference Poll together was to gather information on visitors for later distribution to the Ted Cruz campaign, with the expressed intention of micro-targeting those participating visitors…

Knowing all of this, it certainly makes sense now why so many people have noted that Breitbart goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid any critical mentions of their candidate, Ted Cruz.

After all, this unique and unconventional relationship means Breitbart Media has a vested financial interest in Ted Cruz’s candidacy, and a profound conflict of interest for any political editorial surrounding the ongoing 2016 Presidential Primary.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and now you know….."

Matt Drudge was right: Stay off their platforms” !!

PS. HatTip and thanks to JRD for helping to find the missing piece of the puzzle. Understanding now why the Breitbart team was unresponsive to direct inquiry."


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