Sunday, November 8, 2015

Only wimps apologize which is why Jeb Bush apologizes so often. Apologies satisfy no one, neither supporters nor detractors-Howie Carr

11/8/15, "Carr: Ben Carson knows only wimps apologize," Boston Herald, Howie Carr

"Which GOP candidate is being measured for a toe tag? Juan Ellis Bush, who may be the first politician ever to set up an apology desk at his campaign headquarters.

It took Carson a while to figure out that there’s no upside to saying he’s sorry. But after all those hours standing next to Trump under the klieg lights, he’s got it straight now. Friday night, he was in Palm Beach Gardens talking to a bunch of Hillary Clinton partisans carrying press credentials.

Dr. Carson, did you make a mistake about West Point? No. Did you make a mistake in the way you “characterized” this? No. Well, then, is this non-mistake that you didn’t mischaracterize at least “complicating” your campaign? No, no, no, no....

Google “Donald Trump won’t apologize,” and see how many headlines pop up.

Among others, Trump has refused to apologize to Ben Carson, Columba Bush, Mexico, Megyn Kelly, Jorge Ramos, John McCain, Fox News, and, my favorite, “for anything.” See, anyone demanding an apology doesn’t like you to begin with, and whatever you say will just be used to keep the story going. If they catch you, say, committing perjury, and you have to say something, just put your statement in the passive voice.

“Mistakes were made.” That’s the Clinton motto, isn’t it?

Apologies satisfy no one....And if you apologize for something you didn’t do, the way the Clinton media were demanding of Carson in Florida, it’s a sign of weakness. Even your supporters will begin to lose respect for you.

Consider Juan Ellis Bush’s back-handed slap at the “French work week” in the CNBC so-called debate. A few days later, the Bush apology desk issued the mea culpa du jour, in which Juan said he did “a disservice to the French.”

Which was of course followed by another cycle of news stories, headlined, “France is not impressed and neither are GOP voters.”

Here’s another Google phrase for you: “Jeb Bush apologizes.”

Where to begin? Last February, he said he was sorry to 12,500 Florida residents whose Social Security numbers he put on the Internet when he released his emails. He apologized to his mother (for smoking pot 40 years ago).  

He apologized to Asians for saying they have a lot of anchor babies

He apologized for calling himself “Hispanic” on a voter-registration form.

Last week he pulled a three-fer down in South Carolina, in a relaxed voter forum with a congressman.

“Hey,” he said, “that psych major deal, that philosophy major thing, that’s great, it’s important to have liberal arts…But realize, you’re going to be working at a Chick-fil-A.”

Chick-fil-A? Of all the fast-food chains to go after, he attacks the one most associated with the evangelicals he needs in the caucuses in Iowa, where he’s tied for seventh place? Juan has put his foot in his mouth more often than John Forbes Kerry. Remember the French navy, the Italian army, the “botched joke” about Iraq, etc.

But Kerry is the exception that proves the rule. Most of the time, being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry. Of course, it helps when the “reporters” are out-of-the-closet Democrat operatives.

Just ask Hillary Clinton. Her husband used to employ George Stephanopoulos. Her daughter’s mother-in-law gave CNN’s Jake Tapper his start in politics.

Steffie makes $13 million a year. In return, he asks crazy out-of-left-field gotcha questions of every Republican candidate crazy enough to go on the Democrat infomercial known as “Good Morning America.” Nothing is on the level. Trump and Carson know this, but the self-evident truth is beyond Juan’s feeble grasp.

The next GOP debate is Tuesday night. How many groveling apologies will Bush have to issue afterwards? The over-under in Vegas is three."...


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