Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kuwait Airlines is warned it will lose lease to fly out of JFK unless it allows Israeli passengers-NY Daily News

11/4/15, "Kuwait Airways should be booted from JFK for refusing to fly Israeli passengers: City Councilmembers," NY Daily News, Erin Durkin

"Kuwait Airways should be booted from Kennedy Airport for refusing to fly Israeli passengers, City Councilmembers said.

Councilman Rory Lancman and other pols asked the Port Authority to terminate the airline’s lease, if it doesn’t immediately change its policy of not selling tickets to Israeli passport holders.

“Either comply with the terms of your lease, comply with federal law, recognize the right of Israeli passport holders to buy tickets just like people from every country in the world is allowed to do – or your lease is going to be terminated,” said Lancman (D-Queens).

The Port Authority put the company on notice in a letter sent this week. Kuwait Airways runs flights between JFK and London.

Authorities “remind Kuwait Airways that its lease at JFK requires Kuwait Airways to operate in accordance with federal and state laws, and states that no individual on the grounds of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, disability or marital status shall be excluded,” executive director Pat Foye wrote. “The Port Authority and [the operator of JFK Terminal 4] expect that Kuwait Airways will fully comply with these lease obligations.”

The federal Department of Transportation has also accused the company of violating discrimination laws.

“We’re not allowed to comment,” an airline rep said.

In 2013, the airline refused to sell an Israeli citizen a ticket to go from JFK to London, saying it violated Kuwaiti law."

Imprisonment and hard labor await Kuwaitis who deal with Israelis:

10/2/15, "U.S. Finds Kuwait Airline Discriminates Against Israelis," AP via Haaretz

"The (Kuwait) airline explained that it's against the law in Kuwait to do business with any Israeli citizen or company, and that punishment for a violation could result in imprisonment and hard labor."...


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