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Jeb and Kasich are running as Democrats and wondering why things aren't working out. Their implication is that conservatism is unkind to people-Rush Limbaugh

11/11/15, "Kasich and Bush Exposed on Bank Bailouts and Amnesty," Rush Limbaugh

Kasich and Jeb, 11/10
(scroll down to photo): "He and Jeb, I just don't get it. Well, I do. I understand what they're trying to do. They're running against the will of the people trying to establish themselves with much bigger hearts and much more compassion. They're running as Democrats. Jeb and Kasich may as well have been espousing the Democrat Party position last night during the Republican debate and they're wondering why things aren't working out. 


RUSH:...That's one other thing about Kasich last night, talking about this hypothetical Bank of America failure. Kasich said some people can afford to lose. He would means test...You know, Cruz was saying that there are mechanisms here if banks fail to take care of the depositors beyond the FDIC and Kasich was up there waving his arms. (impression) "Listen to me! Listen to me! I'm the one who knows what I'm talking about.

I'm the only one who's done it....You guys are philosophers and theoreticians.

"Theory isn't gonna buy a carton of milk for the mailman!  It isn't gonna get a damn thing. 

I've done it. I've worked hard. I've worked with 'em....I've compromised. I've got people agreeing and disagreeing, and I found 'em, and I put 'em together, and I've done it all.  And all this theory, and all this philosophy, I'm sorry, it's crazy! What am I doing here? This is crazy! You people don't even know what you're talking about. I'm the only one up here who knows what I'm talking about

"You talk about a bank failure? Screw it! You know what?  You know what? Some families, they can afford to lose it."...I stood up. That's the kind of talk you get from people like Dick Gephardt and Hillary Clinton. "Some people can afford to lose it," or whatever he said. I mean, that was the point that he made. "Well, some people don't need a bailout. They lose everything in a bank going under? Okay, they got enough."

It's really...You people may not know it. John Kasich used to be a carbon copy of Newt Gingrich back in the '90s, and for those of you that don't know, that's why this is so shocking to a lot of people, is who Kasich used to be. And he still thinks he is! That's the thing. But what he's essentially saying is, "Oh, yeah, I can be as conservative as anybody talking about it. Damn right! I'm as good a conservative as anybody. But you can't govern that way.

"You have to be liberal, you have to be moderate, you have to understand people's feelings. I'm gonna work with people! People are human beings. I work with human beings. We can't harm 'em....We can't let 'em get hurt, human beings," and the implication is that conservatism is unkind to human beings. It really is just a big disconnect. I don't know that he understands it....

And that's what Gasparino's point was after the debate that the two guys that worked in the banking industry [Kasich and Jeb] supposedly didn't know any of these things."...image from


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Comment: The GOP E wants Democrat voters to be their voters. They don't want the voters they have.

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