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Anarchist in Burlingame put Trump supporter in near stranglehold to prevent him from attending Trump speech. In Costa Mesa, police horse was injured by rock hurled by an anarchist-AP, KGO, LA Times


Above, 4/29/16, Image caption: "Protesters hold back a Republican supporter from getting in the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, Calif., where Trump is set to speak on Friday, April 29, 2016 (KGO-TV)."

Physical violence including near stranglehold of a peaceful citizen by by an individual who appears to be a wrestling champ and who is backed by menacing mobs is anarchy, not protest. It's a complete collapse of government. The government's first duty is to protect its citizens. It doesn't even try.  A "Fight white supremacy" sign in the image might be found at any public event anywhere in the world. Meaning it didn't just "erupt" for an "anti-Trump" protest.

Added, the Costa Mesa riots were organized by the Democrat Party: "The protest was organized by the Democratic Party of Orange County and Orange County Young Democrats. 

Re: Burlingame:

4/29/16, Anti-Donald Trump protests erupt near Republican convention in Burlingame," AP and KGO TV, Burlingame, Calif.

"Hundreds of anti-Donald Trump protesters crowded the streets near the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame as the presidential candidate arrived for the Republican convention.

A man wearing a Trump campaign "Make America Great Again" red hat was struck while being jostled by a group of shouting protesters.

"It went gangbusters. They attacked me," said Chris Conway, who identified himself as mortgage broker from San Mateo.

After Trump took the podium, he described having to take a complicated detour to get into the venue due to the rowdy protesters outside."...

[Ed. note: It wasn't a "complicated detour," there was no "detour." Trump was entirely prevented from proceeding by car. He got out of his car and walked to the venue.

Above, 4/28/16, Trump on foot as he crosses ditch to reach GOP event in Burlingame, Calif. after anarchists blocked his travel there by car. The so-called "rowdy protesters" were anarchists.]

(continuing): ""That was not the easiest entrance I've ever felt like I was crossing the border actually," he said.

Barricades were set up Thursday night around the Hyatt Regency, where organizers were excited that Trump was kicking off the convention. But if it's anything like Southern California's events, it could be a wild weekend."...

[Ed. note: A "wild weekend?" A "wild weekend" is a beach party, not the violent collapse of government.]

(continuing): "About 20 people were arrested by Costa Mesa police Thursday night as Trump protesters and supporters took to the streets outside Orange County Fairgrounds, where the Republican presidential candidate was speaking."...

[Ed. note: Again, not correct. Riots didn't happen "as" protesters and supporters "took to the streets." NBC/AP sold the same thing: "Raucous protesters and supporters of Donald Trump took to the streets...." Only one "side" "took to the streets." If supporters were on the "street" at all, they were trying to get to their car, or were sitting in their car, with anarchists surrounding them, pounding on their car, preventing it from moving: 

"Protesters surround a car at the corner of Fairview Road and Fair Drive on Thursday following a Donald Trump rally at the Orange County fairgrounds. (Scott Smeltzer / Daily Pilot)," LA Times

"Dozens of cars-including those of Trump supporters trying to leave--were stuck in the street as several hundred demonstrators blocked the road, waved Mexican flags and posed for selfies....One Trump supporter had his face bloodied in a scuffle as he tried to drive out of the arena."]

(continuing): "In Burlingame, police have spent a month planning and asked for help from every agency in the county and also state and federal officials."...

[Ed. note: The month of "planning" was obviously worthless.] 

(continuing): "Donald Trump was set to speak around 12:45 p.m....People are coming from all across the state to be at the convention.

"A lot of times in the past the nominees had already been decided by the time we got here so this is a great opportunity to really engage. We've got three candidates to choose from
....Our Republicans in the state are excited to make that decision in June," said Kaitlyn MacGregor, Communications Director California GOP."...


Added: Police horse in Costa Mesa injured by rock-throwing anarchist:

"A police horse...named Drifter, was injured by a thrown rock, police said."

4/29/16, "17 arrested, man injured as vandalism mars protest outside Trump rally in Costa Mesa," LA Times,

Some of the protesters smashed a police car window and jumped on officers’ vehicles.

“It was a big melee,” according to Costa Mesa police Sgt. Bang Le, who said at least five police vehicles were vandalized. Police said one man was hurt during an altercation on the fairgrounds property. Paramedics took him to a hospital for treatment of a head injury that didn’t appear to be life-threatening,
according to authorities.
At one point, a Costa Mesa officer was hit on the head by a rock thrown by a protester, but police said he was unhurt, thanks to the riot gear and helmet he was wearing.

A police horse ridden by a Huntington Beach officer wasn’t as fortunate, authorities said. The horse, named Drifter, was injured by a thrown rock, police said.

At one point, a group of young men and women started rocking and jumping onto a car near Fairview Road and Fair Drive, an intersection that was eventually shut down. The driver got out and screamed at the group that a child was onboard.

"As police dressed in riot gear tried to control the masses congregating along Fair Drive, near Costa Mesa City Hall and the Police Department headquarters, many people were heard chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets.

The Costa Mesa Police Department said officers arrested 17 people, all on suspicion of failing to disperse. By Friday morning, each arrestee had been released with a written promise to appear in court, Le said.

The crowd dispersed by 11 p.m., about four hours after Trump's rally began, the Sheriff's Department said.

The protest was organized by the Democratic Party of Orange County and Orange County Young Democrats, who consider some comments Trump has made about immigrants and others to be bigoted.

Erik Taylor, executive director of the Democratic Party of Orange County, said Friday that the party “does not condone the violence that took place at the O.C. fairgrounds last night, but we do thank the Democratic Party activists who did come out and protest in a peaceful way.” “Obviously things got out of hand,” he added...

Some demonstrators were draped in Mexican flags....

Some protesters with “Dump Trump” signs put them in horse manure that had been dropped on the ground. 

In the afternoon at the fairgrounds’ Gate 1 off Fair Drive, a line of cars waited to get in, but officials had closed that entrance. Protesters were walking among the cars, waving signs." ...


4/29/16, "17 Arrested After Demonstrations at Donald Trump Rally Turn Violent," AP and staff via NBC Los Angeles

"The Pacific Amphitheatre was filled to its capacity of about 18,000 and many hundreds more were turned away."...


Comment: "Demonstrations" didn't "turn violent." The government decided to collapse and allow anarchists to rule the streets for 3 hours.


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