Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tennessee Rep. Jimmy Duncan enthusiastically endorses Donald Trump citing his views on US trade deals: 'We have tremendous leverage on trade we have not used. Donald Trump will do that'-Politico

4/30/16, "Rep. Jimmy Duncan endorses Donald Trump," Politico, Kristen East

"Donald Trump has notched the endorsement of one the House’s longest serving Republicans.

Rep. Jimmy Duncan (R-Tenn), who has served in Congress since 1988, “enthusiastically” endorsed Trump on Saturday, citing the presidential candidate’s trade rhetoric.

“Every country wants into our markets. We have tremendous leverage on trade we have not used. Donald Trump will do that,” he said in a statement.
Duncan is the only Republican currently serving in Congress to have voted against the Iraq War.

Trump, in a statement, said he was glad to have the support of “one of the most fiscally conservative” representatives.

“If more members voted like Rep. Duncan, we wouldn’t be wasting trillions of taxpayer dollars in foreign countries,” he said."



Added: Rep. Duncan was right to oppose the Iraq War. George Bush joked about not finding WMDs in Iraq.

At media dinner in March 2004, Bush in a slide show for the media did a comedy bit about not finding WMDs in Iraq, looks under furniture, media laughs. Thousands dead and maimed, trillions of dollars wasted, radical Islam and Iran empowered, Christians forced to flee.

3/25/2004, "Bush pokes fun at himself, staff," AP via MSNBC, "Mock slide show featured at dinner."

"President Bush poked fun at his staff, his Democratic challenger and himself Wednesday night at a black-tie dinner where he hobnobbed with the news media

Bush put on a slide show, calling it the “White House Election-Year Album” at the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association 60th annual dinner, showing himself and his staff in some decidedly unflattering poses.

There was Bush looking under furniture in a fruitless, frustrating search. “Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere, he said."...


3/25/2004, "MIA WMDs–For Bush, It’s a Joke," The Nation, David Corn

"At one point, Bush showed a photo of himself looking for something out a window in the Oval Office, and he said, Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere.

The audience laughed. I grimaced. But that wasn’t the end of it. After a few more slides, there was a shot of Bush looking under furniture in the Oval Office. “Nope,” he said. “No weapons over there.” More laughter. Then another picture of Bush searching in his office: Maybe under here.” Laughter again....

I wondered what the spouse, child or parent of a soldier killed in Iraq would have felt if they had been watching C-SPAN and saw the commander-in-chief mocking the supposed justification for the war that claimed their loved ones....

Yet there was Bush–apparently having a laugh at his own expense, but actually doing so on the graves of thousands. This was a callous and arrogant display....As the audience laughed along, he smiled. The false statements (or lies) that had launched a war had become merely another punchline in the nation’s capital."  


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