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NY City Mayor on CNN about Ted Cruz: 'I don’t think he planned on the fact that his fate would be decided in part in New York state....The New York primary’s suddenly a lot more important than Ted Cruz might have imagined, and now he’ll pay the price for it'-NY Daily News, 4/7/16

Th. 4/7/16, NY Daily News front page

4/7/16, "De Blasio says New Yorkers 'don't take kindly' to Ted Cruz's hypocrisy: 'Don't come into our home state and put us down'," NY Daily News, Erin Durkin

"New Yorkers are joining the Daily News in giving a big “FU” to Ted Cruz, Mayor de Blasio said Thursday.

A lot of New Yorkers are feeling that today,” de Blasio said on CNN when he was shown the Daily News front page on the Republican candidate’s rocky visit to the Bronx, which read “Take the FU Train, Ted!

“I would not say it in those particular words,” de Blasio said. “The Daily News, I think they call it like they see it. They’re not a particularly partisan paper. But I think they’re representing the fact that the hypocrisy of Ted Cruz is pretty clear here. And we don’t take kindly to it.”

Cruz was blasted by Bronx residents and pols Wednesday during a visit to the borough over his attacks on “New York values” and his immigration stance.

De Blasio said that with the New York primary playing an unexpectedly crucial role in the nominating contest, the Texas senator’s tactics will come back to bite him.

Guess what, the New York primary’s suddenly a lot more important than Ted Cruz might have imagined, and now he’ll pay the price for it,” the mayor said on CNN.

“At this moment in world history where there’s so much conflict over faith and differences, we’re a place where people actually manage to work together. Those are New York values, and we’re proud of that fact. And don’t come into our home state and put us down. It’s just not going to work,” he said.He wants New York’s money, but he’s happy to put down the people of New York when he thinks it’s politically convenient. It’s cynical, like so many other of Ted Cruz’s strategies, but I don’t think he planned on the fact that his fate would be decided in part in New York state.

De Blasio said Cruz, who has bashed him and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton over their stance on Muslim surveillance, and has attacked de Blasio on charter schools and a host of other topics, is welcome to disagree on policy.

I think Ted Cruz, every time he wants to try and disagree on policy, he ends up looking pretty stupid, de Blasio said. “So he broadens the whole thing and attacks the people of New York state. That makes no sense.”

De Blasio, a Hillary Clinton supporter, also hit her opponent Bernie Sanders for saying Clinton is not “qualified” for the presidency.

“He clearly backed off it some this morning, and he should keep backing off it,” de Blasio said. “I say as his fellow progressive, this is not the right way to do. Hillary Clinton is eminently qualified to be President of the United States. By the way, Bernie Sanders is qualified to be President of the United States.”


While de Blasio is in the Clinton camp, he and his wife have hinted their college age kids might be behind Sanders.

“They haven’t said publicly what they’re going to do. I don’t know if they’ve made up their minds,” de Blasio said of kids Dante and Chiara. “I think like so many young people, they’re grappling with really tough issues. They’re tremendously worried about college debt. They’re worried about their economic future.”"

Image above of NY Daily News front page, Thurs., April 7, 2016 from NY Daily News article above 


Added: Fewer than 100 people showed up to see Ted Cruz in the Bronx:

"Ted Cruz's attempt to upset native son Donald Trump in the Empire State primary has so far turned on three words: "New York values."

Cruz's use of that phrase as a putdown in a GOP debate in January has hung around his neck like an anchor, particularly in New York City, where's he's been skewered in the tabloids and repeatedly heckled at campaign events....

Cruz said during a campaign stop in the Bronx..."If you want to know what liberal democratic values are, follow Donald Trump's checkbook."

But that same Bronx event showed the uphill climb Cruz faces.

Fewer than 100 people showed up at the event at a restaurant, and several of them were there solely to jeer Cruz. A planned school visit nearby was canceled after several students threatened to walk out....
And fellow Republican Peter King, a congressman from Long Island, said Thursday that any New Yorker needs to have "their head examined" if they back Cruz."...


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