Sunday, April 10, 2016

Trump seems to be classic New York City personality-perhaps more specifically classic Yankee Stadium personality-but he has also proven popular in the state's northern regions. First to endorse Trump in US Congress was Rep. from Upstate NY suburbs-USA Today

4/7/16, "What each presidential candidate needs to do ahead of New York's primary," USA Today, Paul Singer

"Trump is a New Yorker in ways even Hillary Clinton can't match, which is a huge advantage, but could also be a disadvantage in some cases. They know him well, and local Republicans are even more familiar than most with his long history of over-the-top public persona.

Trump seems to be the classic new York City personality — perhaps more specifically the classic Yankee Stadium personality but he has also proven popular in the state's northern regions. The first member of Congress to endorse Trump was GOP Rep. Chris Collins, who represents the suburbs around Buffalo. Republican political consultant Gerry O'Brien also notes this is the home turf of Carl Paladino, a Tea Party-backed businessman who upset the establishment Republican candidate in the 2010 gubernatorial primary but then lost in a landslide to Democrat Andrew Cuomo....

As both Democrats and Republicans turn their attention to the critical primary in New York in two weeks, it is worth remembering that the state is defined both by the Big Apple (New York City) and big apple — a vast agricultural economy that is second in the nation in apple production."...


4/8/16, "NY Primary: What it is and how it works," Journal News, Jorge Fitz-Gibbon
"This is probably the state's most significant vote in decades.

That's because this year the state primary is taking place earlier in the nominating process than usual and there are contested races on both sides of the political aisle. That means New York delegates could play a significant role in deciding the presidential nominees.

In addition, there are two New York residents and a native New Yorker are on the ballot:

Hillary Clinton: Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is a transplanted New Yorker and former senator who lives in Chappaqua.

Donald Trump: Republican primary leader Donald Trump, who owns or operates five properties in Westchester County, is from Queens and lives in Manhattan.

Bernie Sanders: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democrat from Vermont, is a Brooklyn native....

Key dates

Unfortunately, if you want to jump into the fray, most of the deadlines to vote in the primary have passed. The date for new voters to sign up was March 25. However, registered voters who won't be home on primary day still have time to apply for absentee ballots.

April 12: Deadline to mail an absentee ballot application.

April 18: Deadline to mail in the ballot. Also the deadline to apply in person for an absentee ballot, and the ballot can be submitted in person on primary day.

April 19: Primary day. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Oct. 14: Deadline to register for the general election.

Republican primary

Also this year, New York Republicans have adopted a new system for selecting delegates. There will be 95 Republican delegates awarded.

There are three delegates for each congressional district, for a total of 81 statewide. They will be awarded based on the votes cast by registered Republicans.

Candidates who receive more than 50 percent of the vote are awarded all three delegates in the district. If the winner receives less than 50 percent of the vote, but more than 20 percent, he or she would get two of the delegates and the second-place candidate would get one.

A third-place candidate would receive no delegates.

While the Republican party does not have superdelegates, as the Democratic Party does, there are an additional 14 at-large delegates who are controlled by the state and national parties.

There are 27 congressional districts in the state, and three in the Lower Hudson Valley: The 16th CD covers southern Westchester and parts of the Bronx; the 17th CD covers all of Rockland and western Westchester; and the 18th CD covers all of Putnam and northeast Westchester."...


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