Friday, April 29, 2016

Glenn Beck's Blaze empire to lay off 40 staff. A drop in Blaze ad revenue comes as Beck has reduced his radio and tv appearances while traveling in support of pres. candidacy of Sen. Ted Cruz-Daily Beast

4/28/16, "40 Layoffs as Glenn Beck’s Blaze Empire Continues Its Decline and Fall," The Daily Beast, Lloyd Grove

"Sources estimate that 20 Blaze employees will lose their jobs in New York, a dozen in Washington, five in Ohio, and two or three in L.A. to satisfy the requirements of a multimillion-dollar bank loan."

"According to sources, Beck’s frequent travel in support of the presidential candidacy of Sen. Ted Cruz among other distractions, has prevented him from appearing daily on his syndicated radio program and live-streaming television show, resulting in declining advertising revenue for Mercury Radio Arts, Beck’s privately held parent company.

Similarly, said these sources, declining traffic for and have also resulted in dropping ad revenue—and Padveen was under increasing pressure to meet the requirements of the bank loan, details of which were not available as of this writing....
This latest round of mass firings comes as no surprise to insiders at The Blaze and Mercury Radio Arts, which laid off dozens of employees last May on a day referred to internally as “Black Monday,” around the same time that Beck was purchasing a private jetliner and a $200,000 Maybach sedan."


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