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US accepting refugees for decades has rewarded tyrants and incompetent governments the world over, protects them from natural consequences of bad governance. Rulers know globalist US political class is on their side, will always force starving US taxpayers to take more refugees-Feb. 2005, Johnson

Below, Feb. 2005 article during Vicente Fox administration: 

Feb. 8, 2005, "Vicente Fox, Labor Pimp," Human Events, Mac Johnson

"At play is...a little commented-upon effect that America has had on the world for decades. America’s acceptance of refugees by the millions has made it, effectively, the safety valve for tyrannical and incompetent governments the world over.

Normally, bad government is unstable government. When a government makes a substantial part of its population destitute or unhappy, it can expect them to work against that government, first as individuals and over time as political parties, gangs — or even armies. But with America close-by to absorb the most unhappy, bad governments have found a release for those segments of their populations they most fear: the poor, the ambitious, the disgruntled....

The rulers of other countries recognize the service America unwittingly provides. The most flagrant proof of this was the Mariel boatlift in 1980, in which Fidel Castro organized a mass exodus of 125,000 Cubans from the port of Mariel, Cuba, to Florida. These refugees included common criminals and the mentally ill released from Cuban jails and asylums (Cuba’s “universal healthcare” apparently has it limits), but the overwhelming majority of the migrants were simply the proverbial poor yearning to be free –exactly the sort of people Castro could not depend upon to help maintain his oppressive rule. Castro may claim to detest the fact that Florida is just 90 miles away from the shores of his communist paradise, but if it weren’t, his regime might have ended long ago. Florida is full of the Cubans who would most like to change Cuba. They do Castro little harm in Miami. 

Most nations are not so obvious in their use of the safety valve, but America is filled with diverse immigrants who do little to agitate the status quo in their homelands, and the ruling classes in these lands were not sad to see them go.

Mexico is a far cry from Cuba and Vicente Fox is certainly no Castro. But he understands the many ways in which shunting his discontented poor out of the country benefit him and his political allies. 

There is no shame in poverty and no sin in seeking work, but there is something unseemly in a leader who sees people as a product for export. In all the discussion of the immigration issue, the one aspect I have not seen bluntly assessed is what a failed and myopic leader Vicente Fox is. In America, men are made rich and families are well fed by the energetic labor of Mexicans. An admirable Mexican government would set about reforming the country so that that same energetic Mexican labor could create riches and feed families inside Mexico. Fox’s government simply wants to avoid the issue, preserve the established power structure, and make sure it gets a cut when Mexico’s workforce auctions itself off to more efficient economies. Seeing his people forced to sell their labors abroad, Fox simply wants to act as pimp on the sale....

Vicente Fox has made increasing the flow of his people out of Mexico and into America his highest priority in his relationship with the US. His expressed desire is that the border should pretty much cease to exist — at least for Northbound traffic. He would prefer that America voluntarily acquiesce to his desire to depopulate his nation’s poorest neighborhoods, but he is also prepared to achieve this depopulation unilaterally."... 


As of Jan. 2005, Mexico only had to pay general workers $4.12 per day. That was Vicente Fox's minimum wage:

"Beginning January 1, 2005, Mexico's average minimum wage is 45.40 pesos ($4.12) a day [$4.12 for an entire 8 hour day];" April 2005, "Mexico: Migrants, Mexicans in US, Economy," UC Davis 

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As of Jan. 2016, Mexico only has to pay general workers $3.98 per day:

"Minimum Wages in Mexico with effect from 01-01-2016,"

"The minimum wage rates in the table are in MXN (MX Peso)"

"Job Types-General Workers" "Minimum wage per day-General Workers [$3.98 US per day]"



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