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George W. Bush decreed first federal regulation of greenhouse gases by Executive Order in May 2007-Marlo Lewis, March 2009

March 2009 article:

3/19/2009, "CO2 Regulation under the Clean Air Act: Economic Train Wreck, Constitutional Crisis, Legislative Thuggery," Marlo Lewis, masterresource.org

(subhead) "Bush’s Response"

"The Bush Administration at first was gung-ho to make an [CO2] endangerment finding. In his 2006 State of the Union AddressPresident Bush declared that “America is addicted to oil.”
He set a goal of reducing U.S. oil imports 20% in 10 years, and by executive order directed the EPA and the Departments of Energy, Transportation, and Agriculture to develop rules increasing federal fuel economy and renewable fuel standards [ethanol].  

No law on the books explicitly authorizes EPA to revise the existing standardsNo problem, said Bush’s advisors, an endangerment finding would give EPA CAA authority to implement the President’s “20-in-10” program. The endangerment finding and associated regulations would also satisfy EPA’s obligations to the Court–a twofer!"...


Executive Order:

May 14, 2007, "Bush orders first federal regulation of greenhouse gases," ens-newswire.com

"President George W. Bush today signed an Executive Order directing four federal agencies to develop regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions from new mobile sources. Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emitted by the combustion of fossil fuels, contribute to global climate change. 

The President directed the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, EPA, the Department of 
Transportation, the Department of Energy, and 
the Department of Agriculture to work together
"to protect the environment with respect to 
greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles, 
nonroad vehicles,and nonroad engines, in a manner
consistent with sound science, analysis of benefits 
and costs, public safety, and economic growth,
the Executive Order states. 
The President's new policy is based on a decision
by the U.S. Supreme Court April 2 in 
Massachusetts v. EPA that the Bush administration 
failed to follow the requirements of the Clean 
Air Act when it refused to regulate greenhouse 
gas emissions from motor vehicles.

Announcing his new policy at the White House 
today, President Bush said, "Last month, the 
Supreme Court ruled that the EPA must take 
action under the Clean Air Act regarding 
greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles.  
So today, I'm directing the EPA and the 
Department of Transportation, Energy, and 
Agriculture to take the first steps toward 
regulations that would cut gasoline consumption 
and greenhouse gas emissions from motor 
vehicles, using my 20-in-10 plan as a starting

The president announced his "20-in-10 plan" 
in January (1/31/2006) during his State of the 
Union address. It aims to cut America's gasoline
usage by 20 percent over the next 10 years....
The Grocery Manufacturers Association, GMA, 
supports the goal of reducing America's reliance 
on fossil fuels but cautioned that a sharp 
increase in the use of corn for ethanol could 
hamper the ability of the food industry to 
provide consumers, both in the U.S. and around
the world, with a reliable and affordable 
supply of food.  

Cal Dooley, GMA president and CEO, said, 
"Consumers have already seen an increase 
in the cost of food, as corn traditionally 
used for livestock feed and processed food 
is increasingly used for fuel. In fact,  
the price of corn has nearly doubled in the 
last nine months.""...


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