Friday, May 13, 2016

To the BBC: You deny reality that your pal Obama will be out of office in 8 months. No 'senior administration' Obama official is in a position to guarantee US taxpayers will pay $3.4 billion more in 2017 for weapons and US soldiers on the ground in Nordic countries and throughout Eastern Europe to help with war against Russia. BBC, promote all the endless foreign wars you want--we're not paying for them anymore

5/12/16, "Facing Russian threat, Nordic leaders talk tactics," BBC,

"A senior administration official said he planned to reassure his Nordic counterparts at the summit about their security and said he'd deliver an upbeat message: "Yes, the US stands by its commitment to your security."

The official reminded me of the reassuring remarks that the president had made years ago in the Baltic region.

"We'll be here for Estonia. We will be here for Latvia. We will be here for Lithuania," Obama said in Tallinn, Estonia, in September 2014. "You lost your independence once before. With Nato, you will never lose it again.

[Ed. note: To the BBC: The US doesn't have monarchs. You're the one with that problem. Knowing this, why would you be reassured by "remarks" of a temporary US politician promising US taxpayer dollars in perpetuity when you know that no US politician can make such promises, especially one who'll be out of office in Jan. 2017?]

(continuing): "It's a noble sentiment - but perhaps not realistic. A new study by researchers at Rand Corporation, a US think-tank, showed that if Russia attacked the Baltics, Nato wouldn't be able to defend them. Administration officials said they've been beefing up security in the region and are working with allies - and that the summit is part of their effort. 

Late on Friday morning, Obama and the Nordic leaders will speak briefly with reporters. They'll issue a declaration with "substantial language", said Lyrvall, about Russia.

In the evening they'll have dinner on the south lawn - "a grand event", he said. Obama will make a toast, and so will leaders of Denmark and Iceland....

The Nordic guests seem a little surprised by the attention. But they also know - in a visceral way - why they've become important to Americans. Russians are now acting out in northern Europe in a way that hasn't been seen since the Cold War."...

[Ed. note: To the BBC. As stated above, the Obama admin. will be out of office in Jan. 2017. More importantly, why do you imply that "Americans" have been asked their view and agree that it's "important" to divert taxpayer dollars to yet more endless foreign wars?]

(continuing): "For this reason, said the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Heather Conley, a former US state department official, the relationship between the US and Nordic countries "has been taken to a new level"."...



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