Friday, May 6, 2016

Romney considers Jeb Bush the least helpful to his 2012 campaign among national Republican figures-Bloomberg, Jan. 2015 article

Jan. 2015 article

1/30/2015, "How Mitt Romney Made His Decision Not To Run," Bloomberg, Mark Halperin

"Romney also considers (Jeb) Bush the national Republican figure who was the least helpful to him during his last run for the White House (in 2012), a position that has darkened Ann Romney’s view of Bush as well."...(parag. 10) 

"Romney is said to see Bush as a small-time businessman whose financial transactions would nonetheless be fodder for the Democrats and as terminally weighed down with voters across the board based on his family name. Romney also doesn’t think much of Bush’s political skills (a view mocked by Bush’s camp, who say Romney is nowhere near Bush’s league as a campaigner)."...(parag. 10)


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