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UK gov. approves world's largest offshore wind farm. UK customers pay triple rates for offshore energy. UK monarchy owns offshore wind leases and their income. That's why Prince Charles cries to try and get you to believe in global warming because he gets the cash from wind

6/27/13, "U.K. Grants Offshore Wind Triple Market Electricity Price," Bloomberg


6/26/13, "Because it owns and manages the seabed around the UK out to the 12-mile limit, the Crown Estate is heavily involved in offshore wind farms."...


7/21/13, "Yet Another Glorious Green Policy Accomplishment,"  Walter Russell Mead, Via Meadia

"RWE—one of the UK’s biggest power utilities—recently announced that the country’s push into renewable energy sources is going to mean electricity bills nearly 20 percent higher for its customers. This news comes shortly after the company was given permission by the UK government to build the Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm, which with with a maximum generating capacity of a whopping 1.2 gigawatts would measure in as the world’s largest. But green energy comes at a premium, the FT reports:
[T]here is mounting concern in the power industry that the costs of [green energy] policies, combined with other measures such as the carbon floor price and big subsidies for renewable energy, will be much higher than government estimates and will have a sizeable impact on what average consumers pay for their gas and electricity.
When they are trying to sell green policies, environmentalists spew statistics about growth and efficiency. But when those policies are put into place, costs go up, jobs wither, and living standards go down. The green movement could use better leadership, and would do well to adopt smarter, more practical ideas. Promoting telework and beefing up infostructure—both policies that would decrease the need to physically move things around, thereby reducing emissions—would be two good places to start. Improving the efficiency of appliances and machines is another promising avenue.

Beyond that, more research into green tech is the best way to support basic research. The green movement today is often an alliance between people who are selling and promoting uneconomic ‘alternative’ energy schemes and greens who are willing to front for them. It’s an attempt to legislate profit for crony capitalists, green lipstick on a herd of pigs like ethanol and wind turbines."...via Tom Nelson


The UK monarchy will rely on offshore wind farm leases for much of its future income. The monarchy formerly had to beg the government for money but that's recently been changed:

6/26/13, "Queen's income set to rise for second year running," BBC

"Because it owns and manages the seabed around the UK out to the 12-mile limit, the Crown Estate is heavily involved in offshore wind farms, where it saw an extra 1GW of power come on

stream, with around 300 new turbines erected offshore.

The Crown Estate also made £13.1m from cables and pipelines that cross its land.

As part of its overall property portfolio, it also owns the foreshore of almost half of the UK's coastline, although much of it is leased out to third parties."...


 6/26/13, "Queen scores record profit from booming London property," Reuters

"Crown Estate - owned by Queen Elizabeth - on Thursday said it made record profit in the year to March, thanks to the strong performance of its central London properties.
Crown Estate's 5.2 percent rise in profits to 252.6 million pounds gives the queen a 38 million pounds 2014/15 payout, pegged at 15 percent of the total by a 2012 law designed to link her income to the UK's economic health....

Owner of wind farms and most of Britain's sea bed along with its Regent Street properties, the company has outperformed the wider economy due to strong overseas interest in London property and the UK's growing reliance on green energy....
The Queen - whose payout rose 20 percent to 36 million this year - was previously paid by taxpayers through an allowance set by parliament and other government grants."...


Ed. note: This is why Prince Charles begs people to believe in global warming.


7/12/13, "Energy: million-pound government windfall when no wind blows," EUReferendum, Richard North

"The Government is set to make a windfall profit of hundreds of millions of pounds out of a lucrative scheme to sell power from thousands of the emergency diesel generators it owns to the National Grid. The cash will come from using them to guard against the times when the wind is too low to drive the expanding fleet of wind turbines, so staving off widespread blackouts."...


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