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Thank-you so much, South Carolina District 1! Mark Sanford is finally gone. Congratulations, Katie Arrington, winner of District 1, South Carolina Republican primary


6/12/18, "The age of Trump has ushered in the end of a political era in South Carolina: Mark Sanford concedes to Katie Arrington in SC District 1 race, losing his first election , Caitlin Byrd twitter, Post and Courier political reporter

Arrington 51%, Sanford 46%, or 51%-47%. Article below cites a single Trump tweet in late afternoon on election day as making the difference. No link is provided to substantiate this claim about a late afternoon tweet, but anything is possible. There's no question that throughout the campaign Ms. Arrington strongly supported Trump and that for the past two years Sanford has made a point of opposing Trump:

6/12/18, "Mark Sanford concedes to Katie Arrington in SC District 1 race, losing his first election," Post and Courier, Caitlin Byrd, (Charleston, South Carolina) 

"In a monumental upset fueled by a Donald Trump tweet, U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford lost his Republican primary to Katie Arrington, a one-term state lawmaker who made loyalty to the president the centerpiece of her campaign.

The defeat, which carries national implications, marks the first time Sanford has lost an election, which began with his first congressional bid in this very district in 1994.

President Trump--making a move unprecedented in South Carolina history--in a late afternoon tweet asked state voters to replace Sanford with Arrington, going so far as to say Sanford is "better off in Argentina," a reference to his adulterous affair when he was governor in 2009.

The message was delivered less than three hours before the polls closed, illustrating Trump's willingness to take out one of the few Republican congressmen in recent months willing to call out the president for his sometimes crude behavior.

Arrington, a Summerville Republican, led by 3,000 votes with 80 percent of the vote in. Dimitri Cherny, the third candidate on the Republican ballot, pulled in about 3 percent despite running as a Democrat in previous elections. The final results will be certified later this week. 

Arrington will face Democrat Joe Cunningham in the Nov. 6 general election. Cunningham, a 35-year-old construction attorney, handily defeated Democrat Toby Smith.

"We are the party of Donald J. Trump... and now, congresswoman Katie Arrington," she said at her victory party across town in North Charleston at the Doubletree Hotel, where the crowd chanted her name in unison....

The loss also parallels the defeat of Republican Bob Inglis in his 2010 conservative Upstate congressional primary at the hands of another political wildcard, the tea party movement.

Sanford's trepidation showed throughout the day Tuesday. He drove himself around the district, making his final pitch to voters in his run for a third term in his second stint in Washington. He served three terms in Congress in the 1990s....

Trump's tweet, delivered after his return from his Singapore and a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, additionally called Sanford "nothing but trouble."

"Mark Sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign to MAGA. He is MIA and nothing but trouble. He is better off in Argentina. I fully endorse Katie Arrington for Congress in SC, a state I love. She is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes. VOTE Katie!" he said....

Arrington, meanwhile, looked forward to her odds in a GOP-leaning district and emerging as a congressional candidate with only two years of experience in the S.C. Statehouse.

It’s amazing, but it really is about people wanting representation and getting a citizen legislature out there," she said. "It’s a phenomenal feeling.”"...

6/12/18, Arrington victory party in North Charleston, SC. by Whitaker and staff

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