Monday, June 11, 2018

German government has received no evidence to date that Russia was responsible for alleged Skripal poison attack. Many countries expelled Russian diplomats over an unsubstantiated claim-Berlin Radio, 6/7/18

6/7/18, "No evidence of Russian responsibility at Skripal stop," Berlin Radio, (google translation) 

"The culprit for the poisoning of the Russian ex-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter was quickly determined for Britain: Russia must have been. The arguments for this are valid, one has also heard of many other European politicians - including from Germany. But the federal government has so far no evidence of Russia's responsiblity for the attack, as ARD intelligence expert Michael Götschenberg reports. 

The federal government informed on Wednesday in the parliamentary control committee of the Bundestag about the fact that it has received no evidence to date from the British government that Russia is responsible for the poison attack. "One only has to realize that the poison used is the neurotoxin Nowitschok, which was once made in the Soviet Union," says Götschenberg. 

Even their own findings that Russia could be responsible, the German intelligence services have not been able to win today. "The BND has interrogated as foreign intelligence service of the Federal Republic, of course, its sources and tried to somehow verify this," said the ARD intelligence expert. But that was not successful. 

After the British government blamed Russia for the attack, numerous countries had expelled Russian diplomats, including Germany. But there was no basis in the opinion of Götschenberg. "It's amazing that as many as 26 states plus NATO have expelled numerous Russian diplomats," he says. 

"That was an incident that had never happened before on such a scale - and that really had a dramatic impact on diplomatic relations with Russia."


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