Sunday, June 24, 2018

Slave wages in Honduras are kept that way, $1.80 per hour. This guarantees endless flow of people into US from a slave wage country which in turn places constant downward pressure on US wages

2013,Honduras rises the national minimum wage,” 

“In 2013, the national minimum wage in Honduras remained fixed at 248.1 € [$289 US] per month, that is 2,977 euros per year, taking into account 12 payments per year.” 

That’s $72 per week, $14.40 per day, $1.80 per hour. Honduras population is 9,112, 867. 


Added: Unelected global superiors require constant downward pressure on US wages. Unprompted, Globalist Republican Sen. Ron Johnson acknowledges that global bosses “dictate” what US businesses can afford to pay workers. It's not about immigration per se, it's about global bosses:

5/4/17, On Immigration, Washington Doesn’t Know Best,Wall St. Journal, Jason L. Riley, opinion

“Two GOP congressmen have a plan to give states authority over visas and work rules.”

When I asked Mr. Johnson why employers couldn’t simply raise wages to attract more U.S. workers, he replied that there are multiple causes for labor shortages. “We pay people not to work. We tell our kids that you have to get a four-year degree, which kind of implies that working in factories or the crafts or the trades—that there’s something wrong with that.”The senator also cited the international marketplace with which so many employers now must grapple. “Remember, you’re also operating in a global economy where you have competitive prices on products,” he said. “So you have globalization of product prices, which dictates what you can actually afford in terms of paying workers. I understand the anecdotal stories of American workers being displaced by immigrants and illegal immigrants. But there’s also the truth that a lot of business can’t hire enough people at any wage.””…

Added: “America Last” globalist US Senator Ron Johnson says forget about bringing back high paying manufacturing jobs to the US: 

2/14/18, Republican Senator Ron Johnson Tells President Trump “it makes no sense to try and bring back high labor manufacturing jobs,” tcth, sundance


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