Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Let's Make America the Same Again. Yours truly, The Establishment-Rush Limbaugh


6/06/18, "Trump Has Disrupted the GOP as We’ve Always Known It," Rush Limbaugh 

"You know, yesterday I made mention of the fact — and a lot of other people are noticing, too — that the Republican Congress seems to be in standing-by mode. They’re just standing around watching a lot of this....

They’re bit players. Do you remember me one time warning you, reminding you that legislation is actually not written on Capitol Hill, that it’s written on K Street? If you want to know who the real foundation of the Washington Establishment that we talk about is — the ruling class — it’s the lobbyists. It is K Street, the network of people of great wealth and influence who are the ones who actually make things happen and make sure certain things don’t happen.

They’re not elected. But K Street and lobbying is how people of moderate means come to Washington, get elected, and end up leaving very wealthy or leave for jobs later where they will get very wealthy. They write most of the legislation, and it is them that members of Congress and the Senate answer to — the Chamber of Commerce is an example — rather than voters." image from RushLimbaugh.com



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