Monday, June 18, 2018

Smuggling human beings into the US is big business, over $300 million in free taxpayer cash already paid out to "Southwest Key" in 2018 thanks to US government created business model rewarding traffickers with US taxpayer funds-tcth, sundance

$300 million+ US taxpayer dollars have already been given to just one of many human being movers in 2018, Southwest Key Programs.

6/18/18, "White House Press Briefing With DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders," tcth, sundance 

"DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen appeared with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to discuss the ongoing issues with border security and specifically the more recent increase in arriving alien minors, most unaccompanied by parents, and the subsequent problems. 

Excellent briefing by DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.[at link]... 

As many long time CTH readers will note, the current crisis is an outcome of prior administration policy and the HHS decision to throw massive amounts of money at immigration and creating a business model for human trafficking using taxpayer funds.
Bottom line, as long as U.S. Taxpayer funds can be sent to private corporations; and those corporations can then fund the human traffickers; and those human traffickers can then provide the aliens that generate the taxpayer funds; none of this will change. It is a business model.

"Who's caring for kids separated from parents at border? @jaketapper reports @TheLeadCNN--Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) June 18, 2018"

(Link To Graphic)
That’s just one organization, for part of one year.

For a historic review on the “Big Three” immigration business owners – SEE HERE –"


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