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Beating Heart of the Deep State is arrested for lying to FBI. Director of Security for US Senate Intelligence Committee for 30 years, James A. Wolfe, leaked classified information to multiple media outlets and lied to FBI when asked about it-June 7, 2018 DOJ indictment

From 1987 through Dec. 2017, "James A. Wolfe was employed as the Director of Security for the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence."

Image: The heart of the US intelligence "community" in his younger days.

6/7/18, "Senior Senate Staffer James A Wolfe Arrested For Leaking Classified Documents To Multiple Media Outlets – Indictment pdf below," tcth, sundance

James A. Wolfe
"In a just released 11-page federal indictment (full pdf below) a Senior Staff official for the Senate Select Committee Intelligence, James A. Wolfe, has been identified as leaking secret and top-secret classified information to multiple media sources.  Mr. Wolfe was arrested Thursday night by federal marshals. (direct link to justice pdf)

According to the indictment, Mr. Wolfe (58, pictured above), the former director of security, lied to the FBI when he was questioned about his involvement in leaking classified intelligence to the media. Last night the Senate Intelligence Committee agreed to release documents to the DOJ/FBI investigators.

Earlier today it was revealed a New York Times journalist, and former 3-year girlfriend to Mr. Wolfe, had her phone and email communication seized by investigators."...

[Ed. note: Ms. Watkins has only been at NY Times since mid Dec. 2017, per her Dec. 14, 2017 tweet below: 

Source: among comments:

"Charlotte says:

14 Dec 2017

Oh yeah, I should probably remind you all that I’m not actually disappearing. Starting Monday, find me covering ATF, DEA, Secret Service, et al @nytimes. On to new hallways!""

Prior to that Ms. Watkins, a National Security Correspondent, worked for Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Politico, and McClatchy]

(continuing): "The criminal indictment was unsealed moments ago."...

Among comments: Ali Watkins in Sept. 2017 mocks Senate Intelligence Committee for being unable to control leaks:

"James F says:


Added: Ms. Watkins knew on 2/13/18 that her electronic records were being seized. She apparently didn't inform her new employer, NY Times of this. LA Times says NY Times only "learned of the matter" on Thursday, 6/7/18:

"A prosecutor informed Watkins on Feb. 13 about the seizure of her records, the New York Times reported. The paper learned of the matter on Thursday [6/7/18], the day after the Intelligence Committee made a terse announcement that it was cooperating with the Justice Department “in a pending investigation.”...

Watkins began her career in Washington in 2013 as an intern for the McClatchy news service’s Washington bureau while she was a journalism student at Temple University in Philadelphia. She later worked for BuzzFeed and Politico. She began working for the New York Times late last year [She started on 12/18/17 per her 12/14/17 twitter above], covering national security. The seized records all predate her employment there, the paper reported."...

6/8/18, "Indicted former Senate staffer appears in court as Russia leak inquiry sets off partisan fireworks," LA Times, David Lauter, Eliza Fawcet

Comment on above 6/8/18 LA Times headline: It would be nice if the man were merely a "former Senate staffer:" For 30 years, 1987 through Dec. 2017, "Wolfe was employed as the Director of Security for the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence."

It would also be nice if this were cause for mere "partisan fireworks"-which of course begins with the assumption that more than one political party functions in the US. Criminal acts cavalierly committed at the heart of the US intel "community" by a 30 year insider are life threatening for every American. It illustrates that the entire US government is comfortable with corruption. And everyone knows it. Oversight barely exists. For example, since security clearances are only reviewed "approximately every five years," Mr. Wolfe had reason to feel like a free agent. He began his position in 1987 so operated through administrations of "both" parties. LA Times headline sells this arrest as a "partisan" issue in an apparent attempt to reduce its importance to the level of a schoolyard spat. The headline invites us to believe that the US has two separate, functioning political parties with separate agendas which isn't true. The US has only one functioning political party, the Democrats. The Republican Establishment has the same agenda as Democrats: open borders, endless unwinnable foreign wars funded by US taxpayers, massive free trade deals, and extreme globalism. "The elites of both parties are, as if by rote, extreme globalists."... In short, America Last. "In Washington, under the Bush dynasty, ever-bigger government tied Republican officials ever more tightly to Democrats and their agendas." "Partisan fireworks" if any were merely for show to fool the rubes. (The 63 million Americans who voted for Trump still have no political party that represents their views).


Added: comment: Ms. Watkins sounds perfect for the NY Times. She thinks it's funny that US taxpayers are forced to fund a corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee that is chronically incapable of controlling leaks.


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