Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wrap-around line waiting for Trump rally in icy Spencer, Iowa, Sat., Dec. 5, 2015



12/5/15, "Donald Trump Rallies Crowd in Spencer,", Ashley Hanley

"Republican front–runner Donald Trump continues to gain momentum.

Today he made his way to our area as he rallies supporters in Spencer, Iowa.

KEYC News 12 was at the rally as Trump touched on topics ranging from gun control to immigration.

Donald Trump wants to send this message across Iowa. Song: We're not gonna take it anymore.

Addressing a crowd of around 1,000 people, Trump made it clear where he stands on the gun control debate while referencing the most recent shooting in California.

Donald Trump says, "Nobody has a gun except the bad guys. The scum, the scum, the scum. And nobody has a gun, nobody can protect themselves, they got lucky, they left, they left, they said they didn't want to die, you know it's a whole big hoax, they don't want to die, they're chicken sh**."

But it's that kind of thinking that draws many of his supporters to him.

Rodney Hoffbeck drove two hours from Redwood Falls just to see his candidate.

Hoffbeck says, "I'm sick and tired of politics as usual. He tells it like it is."

His words were echoed by William Beck of Estherville.

Beck says, "We need someone who will get things done, enough is enough." Which is Trump's feelings toward illegal immigration.

Trump says, "We're gonna build a wall, it's gonna be a great wall. We're gonna build that wall and people aren't gonna come through that wall unless they come in legally and if they come in legally I love it, come in."

And Trump says the people in attendance will never forget their experience in Spencer today.

Trump says, "Two years from now you're gonna look at this meeting as the start of something great. We're not gonna take it anymore."

The Iowa Caucus is February first. It is the first in the nation."

12/5/15, Trump in Spencer, Iowa

12/5/15, " 13h13 hours ago. campaigns in Spencer, Iowa".


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