Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Call your GOP House member to say 'Trump is right,' Stop importing Shariah. This may be our only chance to be heard above Republican donors-Corcoran, Refugee Resettlement Watch blog

12/8/15, "Virginia blogger: Trump is right and you must call Congress tomorrow!"
Refugee Resettlement Watch blog, Ann Corcoran

"Here is Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum.  If you haven’t called today do it tomorrow! If we don’t rally around Trump on Muslim migration (even if he isn’t your first choice candidate!), there will never again even be a ‘toe in the water’ from Republicans on the subject!...

12/8/15, "Call Your GOP House Member To Say “Trump Is Right”– Stop Importing Shariah!," Blue Ridge Forum, Richard Falknor

"This week the House of Representatives Republican Leadership apparently plans (click here, then here) on continuing to bankroll the Administration’s expanding “refugee” program — and in spite of the Islamist-engineered slaughter in San Bernardino. This morning open-borders Speaker Paul Ryan showed here he still didn’t “get” the peril.

Trump is right with his interim solution here — and so are the similar approaches of Ted Cruz here and Paul Rand here

Now is the tipping point: will the GOP Establishment rise to the challenge and put their country ahead of their donors?"...

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And if you need any inspiration, watch Katrina Pierson do the warm-up act for Donald Trump in Dallas back in September (thanks to a reader for sharing this with us today). [video at link]


“It is a revolution!”"


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