Sunday, December 27, 2015

Home in New Hampshire for the holidays, Beltway Republican discovers Trump voters are real-Politico Playbook, Allen

12/26/15, "POLITICO Playbook, presented by Abbott – D.C. REPUBLICANS go home for holidays, discover Trump voters are real," Mike Allen,

"A Republican Playbooker who lives in D.C. is back home in New Hampshire for the week: “Driving around the state’s capital [Concord] (which is more heavily Democrat than Republican) notice...lots of visible support for Bernie: lawn signs and bumper stickers. There are signs of support for Hillary too, but Bernie appears to be winning the passion race, if nothing else. A smattering of Ben Carson signs placed only at busy intersections. More paid media from Right to Rise [Bush PAC] than anyone. 

I asked my folks, all longtime supporters of establishment Republicans, who they're backing: Trump. When you try to advocate for more traditional candidates, they dig in more for Trump (whose Christmas card is kept in a place of honor).”"...


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